Luca Brecel at 15 has become the youngest ever Belgian national champion.

Brecel defeated Bjorn Haneveer, who reached the last 32 of last season's China Open, 7-4 in the final.

He compiled a 136 total clearance to win the third frame and won the last having needed three snookers with five reds remaining.

Remarkably, Brecel had only started using a new cue last week.

Brecel, who won the European under 19 title last year, will represent his country in the European amateur championship in Bucharest later this week.

He is eligible to turn professional next year.



Fair achievement to win your national title at 15.

I remember Ken Doherty reaching the final of the 1985 Irish Amateur Championship at the same age, except Ken lost to the Irish no. 1 of the time, Gay Burns.

The point is, Ken went on to become one of the best players of his generation, and even back in 1985 it was obvious that he was something special.

Brecel obviously has at least as much talent and probably more flair and potting ability than the Irishman, yet cannot be guaranteed to even stay on the tour, such is the depth of talent which is now on the circuit.

Indeed, out of all the potential young worldbeaters we have been alerted to over the last few years, only one, Judd Trump, is in the top 32.

I suppose Allen and Wenbo might be included but you'd hardly call them newcomers.

Perhaps another reason why the young guns are finding it so difficult to break through is the lack of tournaments and the repressive ranking system that favours the established elite.

Maybe the new season will throw up a new star or two, now that equal opportunity appears to be closer than ever. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

see this ranking system everyone says favours the hasbeens to cling on to......how long have we used the very same, or similar? id hazard a guess at most of the time it took them to climb up the ladder that others cant these days

Betty Logan said...

The problem with the ranking system is that the starter points put the rookies at an immediate disadvantage. Tour tickets should be for two years, and they should scrap starter points. It's like being promoted to the Premiership and starting out with a 5 point deduction!


You could offer that argument about any system, i.e whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
Sure, but as I mentioned in an earlier blog, had the provisional rankings, or to be precise, the most up to date, current form based rankings been in use at the world championships, Liang Wenbo would have been seeded and would not have had to play O'Sullivan in the first round. Similarily, Jamie Cope would have played a qualifier instead of Ali Carter, who, as we know, beat him.

As a result, Cope must spend another year in the qualifiers where he will beat players who shouldn't be playing him.

It is absurd that you can lose every match 5-0 throughout the season and still have the same ranking going into the Championship as you had at the end of last years one.

Anonymous said...

Hearn's already said he's going to change the ranking system to prevent exactly that anamoly

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The uprising of young precocious kids turning professional at a young age means that the gnarled veteran will drop off the tour.
This takes us back to the age old argument regarding a lack of true characters in the sport.
There are none left in the game, the old brigade should be a part of things on that basis.

Anonymous said...

i disagree with you doctor kildare

Anonymous said...

Dave..... Are you dead or alive? Theres big stuff goin down.
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Dave H said...

I'm alive but my computer was dead!

Anonymous said...

they must let 12 26 out of his straightjacket to write that garbage again. as for whoever mentioned characters in the game . they were only seen as characters cus the game was so poor in standard the same players were always on tv and they could afford to share a litte banter and be seen as so called characters cus they could only lose to about 6 other players.the game has moved on people like virgo thorne taylor would not be in the top 32 nowadays characters or not.

Anonymous said...

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