Just as Barry Hearn’s plans for the future of snooker looked set to receive the green light from players at next Wednesday’s EGM a rival bid has been tabled to take control of the sport.

John Davison, who was behind the Altium bid in 2002, which wanted control of the game’s commercial rights in return for a large investment, is heading a team promising ten world ranking events

In fact, I understand Davison and Hearn met last week and came close to agreeing a joint deal but could not conclude terms.

So, once again, battle lines are being drawn and the players have to decide who to back as various parties tug at their waistcoats, asking for support.

Davison was treated disgracefully by the snooker world when he originally attempted to breathe much needed investment into the game eight years ago.

All manner of misinformation was spread, chiefly that he was some kind of patsy for Ian Doyle, the then 110sport chairman, to “take over the game.”

The players’ vote was tied at 36-36. In the days that followed, Davison formed the view that the WPBSA board members – who would have had their power significantly eroded were he successful – were doing their best to prevent him getting anywhere near the sport and withdrew his offer.

Davison is a serious figure from the business world. He was a partner in a leading private equity firm and thus has access not only to financial resources but also other contacts in the City.

He has named Karl Bistany, a leading sports rights agent, and Joylon Armstrong, a well established PR expert, as two other members of his team.

What is Davison proposing?

His plan is for ten ranking events, two invitation events, six Players Tour events and prize money for next season guaranteed at £5m, rising by £200,000 for each of the next three years.

What does he want in return?

Davison is asking to secure the commercial rights of the game for the next 15 years, acquiring a 63% stake in World Snooker Limited, the WPBSA’s subsidiary company.

He intends to pay £315,000 for this, which will be redistributed as a dividend of around £5,000 to each of the world’s top 64 (i.e. the voting membership). Hearn has questioned whether this is legal.

Davison also states that the WPBSA, which will remain the rules and regulatory body, will have “a strong team of new independent directors.”

What are the pitfalls?

Davison is not some con-artist trying to scoop up snooker’s commercial rights in a big swag bag but there is a lack of clarity in parts of his proposal.

These ten ranking events: where will they be? When will they be? Who will broadcast them? Is there a provisional calendar?

Crucially, who will be the new directors?

Snooker’s problems are not just related to finances but also personnel. Will Davison invite back any members of the previous WPBSA board?

If he does, the game will lose credibility with broadcasters, sponsors and other potential partners. These people were after all rejected by the players less than six months ago.

So what happens now?

Well, Hearn has invited Davison to the EGM to address the players directly and debate the issues surrounding his bid.

This will give Davison the chance to himself answer some of the questions in this post and the many others the players will have.

It will also give Hearn the opportunity to point out the dangers – as he would see them – of abandoning his plan and taking a chance on this last minute proposal.

However, the vote won’t be for Hearn or Davison. If the players want to take a chance on the Davison proposal they will have to vote down Hearn and then vote for Davison at a subsequent EGM.

And knowing the snooker world, it is entirely conceivable that they could reject Hearn, then conspire to reject Davison and end up back where we started.

Davison, and of course his money, would be a valuable asset to snooker. Had he launched this bid a year ago he would probably now be running the sport.

But many will argue that Hearn has started a job and should be allowed to continue it. He is known and liked by the various broadcasters snooker will need to increase its reach (Sky Sports have said they will not work with anyone else) and has a very clear set of plans in place – whether you agree with all of them or not.

With his directness and enthusiasm, he has established a media profile for himself that has seen a thaw in sports editors’ generally negative attitudes towards the game.

These same people would have a field-day at snooker’s expense if he was kicked out so soon after becoming chairman.

It’s a shame he and Davison could not reach an agreement because they would have made a formidable team.

As ever, though, it is up to the players. They will vote according to such a multitude of reasons, and because of various pressures they are put under from those who surround them, that I couldn’t predict the EGM outcome with any degree of confidence.

What I can say, though, is that it will be the most important vote snooker has faced since, er, the last one...


jamie brannon said...

I would stick with Barry, as you are right Dave the newspapers seem to have been less patronising about the game since he came in.

Also Hearn has a provisional calendar in place and it looks like a variety-filled and profligate one too me.

This will have to be cleared up soon as are we not starting a new season next month?

Anonymous said...


SNOOKER legend Stephen Hendry says the offer made by John Davison to his fellow professionals “really has to succeed” if snooker is to go forward.

On Thursday, Davison – who failed in his attempt to take commercial control of snooker eight years ago – returned with an alternative plan to rival Barry Hearn’s attempt to persuade the players to hand over complete control of the game.

“For a sport which many would like to write off, to have two bids on the table to take the game forward shows that there is plenty of life in snooker,” Hendry, the most successful player in history told 110sport.tv.

“Players have been crying out for proper tournaments and more money and the proposal put forward by John Davison certain meets those criteria.

“John (Davison) is a guy with a fantastic track record and huge experience in the sports industry. He has come forward again to lend his expertise and acumen to snooker says a lot about what he sees in terms of potential for the sport.

“He has stipulated the time scale he will work within, which for me is more appealing than just handing all of our assets over.”

Hendry added; “Eight years ago his offer then was rejected almost entirely on the back of ill-informed individuals who spread rumours and lies that myself and Ian Doyle had something to do with the Altium proposal when nothing could have been further from the truth.

“Thankfully this time around, there won’t be that kind of misleading distraction. Ian has retired and some would say I’m going the same way! But this is down to individual players making the right decision this time.

“I want what is best for snooker. No-one can say that has been the case over the last decade.

“But this time, whoever comes out the winner at the other end, there should be a shaking of hands and none of the acrimony that has belittled snooker for so long.

“That said, which ever proposal is accepted has to succeed.“

World No.15 Mark King, portrayed as a ‘wavering voter’ by some insiders ahead of the Davison announcement, is another supporter of the alternative offer.

“I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be impressed by this offer,” said King.

“Several years ago I was one of those who made a wrong call – which proved to be a disaster for snooker – by not backing Mr Davison’s Altium bid.

“Obviously he still sees potential in snooker – and he is investing his money in pushing the game forward. The fact he has come back for another try to save the game shows a huge level of conviction in my eyes.

“All of last week in Austria people were wondering if there was going to be a counter proposal. Now that I’ve seen it, it was worth waiting for.

“We need serious tournaments, not every event carrying ranking status, playing on tables with pockets like buckets where the outcome is just a lottery.”

Anonymous said...

What role will Lee Doyle have?

Anonymous said...

I'm suspicious of 'ten ranking events' where no locations have been specified

Anonymous said...

Oh boy here we go again........

Anonymous said...

Will the tour still be 96 under this proposal?

For all the whining about Altium the reason they lost was because they said they were cutting the tour to 64. Obviously this did not go down well with those in the danger zone.

My fear would be who would be advising Mr. Davison about snooker on a day-to-day basis and for what purpose.

Greg P said...

It's headless chicken time again for snooker fans.

CHRISK5 said...

Great news then.

10 Ranking events - More 'proper' competitiveness in the calendar.

6 PTC events - Seems like compromise with Hearn's venture has already been made.

2 Invitationals - Presumably that would be the Masters & Premier League - which are the most established - Hearn & his PL event remaining would be another sensible compromise.

Remains to be seen what plans their would be for dresscodes,
ranking points allocations &
tournament frame formats.

I agree with Dave - A coalition of
Davison & Hearn would have been

However,in terms of an increased number of meaningful events &
a slightly higher tour fund (£5m)

At the moment - It's advantage to
Davison & his consortium.

Rachel said...

Unbelievable Jeff !!!

Trophymad said...

well I think the part with earning 5000 pound at the instant is seductive. But there are too many questions about Davisons offer. For exampel: He wrote that the WPBSA has 3.5 m Pound and that he would take 2.5 of them away to the WSL and then invest 1.5 m. What happens with the rest?
Right now it's all just a chaos and frankly I'm glad that I'm not a professional Player at this times....

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how Davison's experience of sport promotion compares with Hearne's?

Anonymous said...

i was a player who voted against the altium bid because of the ian doyle connection. this man came into snooker 25 years ago and spread rumours about almost everyone in the snooker world to make himself look good. just remember how many players after they left cuemasters told of misshandling of thier accounts.people seem to have short memories. however i think the new bid cant be ignored its financially better for all players and this will sway the vote.there are a lot of skint players out there. knowone seems to want to clarify though whether the tour will be reduced in numbers and i think this is one of the most important issues on the players minds.giving barry 51% would be suicide.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Hello Dave
How are you! I can’t see any difference Dave in the two offers. Both camps are talking about money when the pro’ games demise and problem is about failing to entertain and attract the sponsors and there customers to watch Televised Snooker.

TV snooker will always have the hard core of “Snooker Addicts” but will never attract enough small time sponsors to make the pro game viable.

Why Dave is so many shrewd business men willing to buy the games “Commercial Rights”? Has the game been promised immediate Olympic Status and the “Commercial Rights” and the rule of snooker belongs to World Snooker in Bristol?

Would America and Russia and other countries have to seek “Permission” from the WPBSA to enter the Olympic Games?
There has to be another reason other than the altruism of Barry or Mr Davison. The Fine Art being the world’s only coaching method I rejoice in the strength of “Copyright Laws”. Mr Hey you

Anonymous said...

Davison has no intention of cutting the tour down to 64 or 48. if anything, he is more interested over the years of increasing the tour.

Lets get that point out of the way quickly. Davison and co should of been voted in years ago, a lot of the players made a big mistake by not voting for Altium. Now they have another chance. Dont blow it this time lads, you will not get a better offer than this!

Anonymous said...

well done jamie

youve only heard a snippet of info, and only just read the story (which was in snooker circles before public) and you already just want barry....

thats why the wrong decision was made with altium.....

porridge said...

Not impressed. Came about too late.

All these promises are so easy to make, even I could "promise" these kind of random numbers. To me, this Davison guy should put his plans to paper and explain things with overhead projector before 2.6.

It's nice that snooker is popular among these very wealthy men though. But I must say that Hearn is so popular with the media (as you pointed out, Dave). And if I google "John Davison", I don't really get anywhere. :)

Although I'm not living in UK, I have a feeling that in the last 6 months snooker has been in the headlines for good reasons more than it had been before for any kind of reason.

Interesting to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

This is akin to putting a load of cash on the beach and getting the players to jump off the top of a cliff to get it. What do you think will happen when they hit the ground?

We would be absolutely crazy to shaft Barry in favour of a series of vague promises.

porridge said...

And to add to my earlier post, while no-one read the first one anyway. :)

Davison is probably optimistic about snooker's future ONLY BECAUSE HEARN HAS PAVED THE WAY FOR BRIGHTER FUTURE. He could have done his bid in December. But no. Things didn't look too good then. Does this Davison therefore have any vision of his own?

He also talks about 6 PTC tournaments, and I can't help thinking that the whole idea of PTC tournaments had to be proposed by Hearn first, in order to make Davison even know of this kind of format.

Money alone doesn't necessarily take snooker anywhere. At the EGM Davison and co should have to prove they've got even half of the enthusiasm and vision that Hearn has.

The passion is everything. That's what I've almost always said.

Now I stop. Bring on the EGM.

Anonymous said...

mr hey u wrong as always. its not about about attracting small time sponsers its about getting blue chip sponsers .pukka pies might taste great but its hardly bmw or hsbc that sponser the likes of golf.has anyone ever thought maybe snooker over-achieved in the 80 s and thats why we see it as in decline . but maybe its about where it should be in the sponshership market.i am a proffesional player and would like your thoughts on this dave.

Dave H said...

It would be great if snooker could find blue chip sponsors but it is seen as a working class sport for working class people, which is why it has traditionally attracted fags, booze and betting sponsors

My view is that it doesn't matter who is putting money into the game - as long as someone is

Anonymous said...

thahks for a quick reply dave working late tonight then.i agree about the working class thing .certain sponsers would not want to be associated with snooker if anything it would be detrimental to them . although football is a working class sport played generally by working class lads who we see swear cheat every time we watch a match.they get blue chip sponsers despite this.obviously we cant compare to football because it is a worldwide sport but it gets back to my point it did well in the 80s 90s for saying it was more or less only an english game. with the likes of ding wengbo and now a world champ from another continent hopfully its good for snooker and big name sponsers will get involved .

Anonymous said...

Lee Doyle is involved enough to have called the WSA to ensure the Davidson bid was sent out to the members.
I wonder where Peter Ebdon stands on this one, presumably he will become a silent voter for the Davidson outfit, after completely dismissing thr initial Altium deal and canvassing for others to reject it also.
Snookers problem is that almost everyone involved will jump into bed with their enemies for enough money.
On that basis the sport makes the Tory/Liberal alliance look like old friends meeting for a beer.

Ali said...

Davison promises more ranking tournaments but has offered no information on dates, sponsors, venues or broadcasting arrangements.

All these airy fairy promises but nothing concrete. At least with Hearn he has announced the players tour, one frame shoot out, world open and german ranking event. All of which have been explained with details.

Moreover, Davison doesn't (and will not) have SKY on board.

If the players are stupid enough to reject Hearn and back this last minute bodge job, they are truly insane.

Anonymous said...

barry may promise things for 1 year but once he gets his 51% he can do what he likes and he will. players like pinches ,holt,king, judge ,swail, joyce, i could go on all brainwashed into thinking he even cares or knows who u r.he would rather do a snooker night with jimmy white and phil taylor get real boys and realize u dont mean anything to barry hearn. only barry hearn means something to barry hearn.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why, if players don't want to hand over 51% to someone they know, they are then willing to hand over 63% (for 15 years!) to someone they don't know?

Anonymous said...

As I understand things, it may be possible to see beyond the juxtaposition of the stars and witness true democratic voting on June 2nd.
My initial fears concern the knee jerkery of the voting members and their lack of abilities to fathom what these offers pertain to.

Anonymous said...

why do players know barry . they may have met him doesnt mean u should give the game to him.i would rather lease the game than give it away for ever.

RichP said...

Lee Doyle is clearly involved in this as 110 don't have much of a future in snooker, outside managing players, if Hearn gets in. Again, unless Davison gets some details on the table, why on earth would you side with him over Hearn. Presumably Davison has worked out how many lower ranked players he needs on board to get a majority (sounds like the election!) and knows that his £5k sweetener will help gain those votes and put him in a strong position. It all looks very dodgy to me.

Anonymous said...

Does any snooker player actually understand how other sports work?

F1 drivers don't sit round saying, 'oh no, Bernie Ecclestone has got control of our sport. We need it back!'

The main reason why snooker has failed to punch its weight is precisely because snooker players have held power - or rather their self-interested managers have. Both Davison and Hearn will want to take that power away and quite rightly. The lunatics have been running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

'True democratic voting'

Yeah - with a massive block vote!

Anonymous said...

It would be difficult for Lee Doyle or 110sport not to be involved given they manage so many players.

More spoiling tactics coming from those who think Hearn is Lord God Almighty.

Mention a Doyle or 110 and say they are connected with this and hope everyone supports Barry Hearn who had the vision to give Pat Mooney a job and accept Jason Ferguson's return.


Anonymous said...

If Hearn is forced out snooker will be a complete joke

Dave H said...

Are we going to have four days of tedious insults from both sides or does anyone has anything positive to say?


The idea of ten rankers and £5m sound good, but as has been pointed out elsewhere, there are no specifics, regarding dates or venues.

While I know Davison is a serious operator, this sounds a bit to me like the old "jam tomorrow" promise that the Walker regime habitually made.

I also feel, that while Davisons credentials are admirable, when it comes to snooker, Hearn has more feel and understanding on the day to day running of the game.

The deciding factor for me however, is that while 5 million a year sounds inviting, it is basically reversing snookers decline by 7 or 8 years.

There is no innovation. Its not just a matter of pumping a few quid in. The game needs to be reinvented and introduced to new audiences and on that front, Hearns offer leads the way.

He has shown that he can promote, has the know how, the charisma, and the contacts to get the game on a solid footing.

Unlike Davison, its not just about money with Hearn.

His ego, his long term affinity and experience with snooker, and his proven record of willingness to reinvest profits, not to mention his ability to bring people on board, suggests that he should get the nod.

Better the drvil you know.

10 Rankers is fine for players and people who subscribe to this blog.

To the general public its just one big yawn.

Shaft Hearn and hes gone forever.

Dave H said...

Sorry that was grumpier than intended!

Anonymous said...

Personally I'd say that Barry just needs to start talking a bit more about the serious events and how he sees their future. Whatever he might believe, the real snooker fans and the players want to see more quality events and then just let him have his little sideshow shootouts as fillers between the majors. In my opinion he is focusing too much on all his new initiatives, none of which really blow me away, but what is he going to do to attract major new sponsors to the main events? The UK? The Masters? This is what I would like him to clarify.

I'd also not place a great deal of store on the Sky quote, if the money is on the table, Murdoch's mob will work with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article, which was fair to both sides: a rarity in the world of snooker!

PLayers clearly need to hear more on the specifics from Davison but I agree with Kildare Cueman that the image of snooker needs to change because it is regarded as old fashioned by most outsiders. Hearn changed darts's image and he cane do the same for snooker, that isn't to say Davison can't either. Hendry is right that whoever loses has to accept it, although we all know they won't.

Anonymous said...

From Mark Selby's blog this morning:

Rival bid could pose a dilemma
I was surprised to hear that an alternative bid to Barry Hearn’s plans for the future of snooker will be presented next week. I understand John Davison is behind it, and I know he tried to launch something similar with the Altium group several years ago.

This could potentially create a dilemma for me, as well as all the other players who will have to wait until next week’s EGM to discover what Davison is proposing. I won’t be making up my mind until I see exactly what is on the table. I know what Barry is proposing, and I know he would do a great job and that he’s got a lot of support, and that it will be difficult to go against what he has already proposed.

But as of now, I’m still undecided. I’m going to wait and see what this rival bid is about and, until then, I don’t intend to put all my eggs in one basket.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Hi Dave
How are you! Thanks for the posts lad and congratulations on “Chairing” the worlds greatest “Snooker Blog”.
There are so many snooker “Tryer’s” out there Dave but few with an “Open Door” to adverse views or different opinions.

To Mr X @ !0 :52, you are wrong Sir about “Over Achieving” in the eighties. Snooker was bought. Parcelled and bundled with tobacco money. The game Sir has never once “Broke Even” out with the Tobacco Period.

There were some modest prize moneys before Tobacco advertising but the pro game was already in serious decline by playing with a stereotype and a snooker sameness.
The sad part is the TV commentators and snooker pundits kept the decline quiet to keep the BBC viewers blinded with the words of assurance by the many bygone champions. Mr Hey you

Anonymous said...

very grumpy. i think most of the anonymous r players having a go at the other . on a positive whoever gets in its a fresh start no matter what.its a gamble whoever gets in. snooker is hard to sell. i just dont thik it appeals to the modern generation .damn it tried to positive couldnt do it.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about positive comments Dave but I tell you what will happen here:

1) Barry Hearn will not secure the vote on June 2nd.
2) Barry Hearn then departs the WSA.
3) Doyle (sorry Davidson) then manages to squeeze through the Altium II deal which is what they always wanted.
4) The leading players (O'Sullivan, Selby, Robertson etc) then complain of the tail wagging the dog.
5) Barry Hearn then orchestrates a renegade split on the basis that he has a tour already in place which involves his already good relations with Sky TV.
6) A complete split occurs with the official tour steered by Davidson/Doyle and the unofficial tour with the worlds best and charismatic players and Barry Hearn as a figurehead.

Not ideal I know but the fact is that in the last 20 years the game has been completely split anyway so perhaps this would be the best thing for all concerned.
The only problem is, that the Altium II tour would struggle without the big names as is the case with the BDO darts comapred to Barry's Sky extravaganza.

CHRISK5 said...

I agree with Snookerbacker -
Hearn's lack of clarity on divulging how events such as the UK & Masters can evolve has been counterproductive to his bid.

The primitives who suggest that Davison doesn't have Hearn's charisma is a shallow argument &
it displays how worried his overzealous supporters are now.

Davison & his team of Bistany & Armstrong have a vast wealth of experience between them in dealing in the sports industry & setting up venues & sponsorship should be a breeze for those guys who have many connections themselves.

Davison also has an Australian wife,so at least a new ranker down under would be more of a certainty!

Some aspects of Hearns plan are
quite good - But an over-reliance on entertainment rather than
more tough,competitive snooker
is an achilles heel when compared to the Davison-Bistany-Armstrong

Also,the players should be the
biggest stars of the sport -
Not necessarily the egotist

Despite the divisions over both proposals - I still wouldn't rule out a coalition agreement at a later date between Davison/Hearn.

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking volte face from Ebdon in the press release today from 110. Reminds me of Bob Arum, who when asked why he had completely changed his view on something said 'yesterday I was lying, today i am telling the truth'.

Anonymous said...

i hope the new altium gets through

Anonymous said...

what needs to change is in fighting

why cant people work together as adults instead of count and counter punch like kids.

snooker should be the winner not individuals the way things are going the sport will be riped in the middle :-(

Janie (EBSA Media) said...

Dave. I haven't seen it anywhere yet but has the Davidson proposal said anything about qualification structures/procedures.

Is there to be a secondary qualifying tour (aka PIOS or challenge Tour) and places for international winners?

I know this was the urgent stuff to get to the pros ahead of the vote but I'm getting inundated with enquiries about the grass roots structure and qualification.

Anonymous said...

This gets increasingly comical. Hendry complaining about 'rumours and lies' yesterday and then today Peter Ebdon - who more than anyone else was responsible for them - is being offered up as a credible reason to vote for the new plans

Snooker deserves better than these self-serving, self-interested types

Dave H said...

Janie - don't know I'm afraid though I expect all this will become clear on Wednesday

Anonymous said...

The point of my post is not to support either side, but to highlight the two big problems snooker always has in situations like this - misinformation and extremism.

First, the misinformation.

Anonymous at 12.39am said:

"barry may promise things for 1 year but once he gets his 51% he can do what he likes and he will."

This is inaccurate on two counts. Barry's letter to the players outlined very specific details on what he proposes to deliver for many years to come, not just one year. It also clearly and unambiguously outlined that if he doesn't deliver on those targets, he will autmotically lose his 51%.

Anonymous at 12.59 pm said:

"Barry Hearn then orchestrates a renegade split on the basis that he has a tour already in place which involves his already good relations with Sky TV."

Sky have not shown a mainstream tournament for more than six years, and even with Barry in charge, they haven't signed up to do so next season. So it appears wildly unrealistic and without foundation to suggest that Barry would be in a position to suddenly make a whole tour appear on Sky.

And now for the extremism.

This is not a black and white situation, and it doesn't help when so many people try to portray one side as all good and the other as all bad.

Any reasonable view of the situation can really only conclude that Barry Hearn and John Davison, and their respective plans, both have a lot of credentials and a lot to offer. On that basis, I fully agree that the dream scenario would have been for the two of them to go all Cameron/Clegg on us and move forward together, and that it's a real shame they weren't able to do a deal.

And yet it may still happen by another route. These two are serious pragmatic businessmen, there doesn't appear to be any ill-feeling between them, and whichever one of them wins could then conceivably approach the other with a view to some sort of arrangement.

During snooker's long and tedious political history, there have been many times when the players' only choice has been between one set of idiots and another set of even bigger idiots. This time, it would appear, there are two sides who both have a lot to offer.

Snooker politics is an area which repeatedly throws up the unexpected, and rarely produces straightforward resolutions. If this situation somehow develops in a way which harnesses aspects of both Hearn and Davison, it could be the best thing to happen to the game in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with all of the exchange of opinions on this blog only highlights the problems that have been facing snooker for many years.
The game and the W.P.B.S.A. has given quite a few people the oportunity to become millionaires over the past thirty years but how many of those people are prepared to put anything back into a sport that has given them so much.
All snooker players think about is themselves, not the future of the game and what will be left for all those kids who have ideas about becoming snooker professionals in years to come. All we hear is bickering, moans and groans from the so-called top players, is it any wonder that the sport can't attract blue chip sponsors like they did years ago with companies like Mercantile Credit and Dulux. The only thing that W.P.B.S.A. members can look forward to now is being taken over by either Hearne or Davison (Doyle) and lose the ability to control the future of the game that is not owned by them but belongs to every snooker player whether they are professional or amateur.

Anonymous said...

I am a player and I am really worried about my career playing the small tour events for ranking points.The comps I believe are best of five and they are carrying a lot of points,my ranking will be at risk because I could loose or win to any player in a best of five match and I don't think its right to force us to enter into them, because of the points at stake we have to enter !!! Also the rolling system stinks because I have no security of guaranteed money over the year :( I cant back Barry because of this and its a shame.

(please publish this Dave in the hope someone from world snooker reads it)

Anonymous said...

I think Hearn & Davison should be teamed up together would be great for snooker. But, now I do fear that Hearn will be voted out and snooker will going down in the pan!

Anonymous said...


I am glad you published this one Dave.
It highlights the seige mentality which continues to dog the sport.
The rolling ranking system will take the sport into the 21st century kicking and screaming yet the individuals are only interested in themselves.
I appreciate we have bills to pay and families to keep but the players have allowed themselves to become short sighted about the growth of the sport.
They also think the sport of snooker owes them a living and guaranteed money is a given right.
Th worlds best golfers who miss the cut don't get a bean, whether they are ranked one or 100 in the world.
Yet middle ranked snooker players believe they should get a few quid for losing but also complain the likes of golf are higher profile.
You do the maths fella.

Anonymous said...

9.24 you do the maths fella golf players ranked 100 in the world are worth fortunes !

Anonymous said...

The game does not owe us a living but it has rules in place and when I signed up to the tour last year it was for a 2 year fixed ranking system that has now been changed by the board !!! we should have had a years notice at best !!!

Anonymous said...


I think you've summed up the post made by me at 9.24.
Like I say, the sport of golf isn't bogged down by individuals who can lose their first round match 5-0 but still demand guaranteed money.
Winning is what counts and I repeat, Tiger Wood will get NOTHING if he misses the cut in The Open this year.
The golfing fraternity has a bit of class about it.
Yes the players are worth a fortune but they profile of the sport is considerably higher.
Also players who can only see as far as the end of their nose are few and far between and the sport itself is what counts.

CHRISK5 said...

I will NOT be voting on the opinion poll displayed for each candidate or option.

After all,in the (March) previous SSB poll - didn't 100% suggest that all poll results are rigged !!

The list should also have included the coalition option which might have got the majority.

Reading between the lines of the
50 plus contributions on this
blog subject - It looks a mixed & varied picture anyhow.

Not all,but some of points raised have been very eloquent & well
thought out.

Anon's 6.11pm contribution being a very good example of pragmatism.

Anonymous said...


regarding 6.11pm, for pragmatism read naivity based on misinformation on the history of the game and the people involved.

darrus said...

I have a question about guaranteed prize money - can someone please explain to me how it works? Is this sum (over 2 millions if my math is right) considered as a part of the overall prize money for the season, is it included in prize fund at every tournament - or is it a sum that comes from somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Hello Dave
As Rick Mayall once said on The Young Ones "look at us, squabbling, bickering, like children. What has happened to us? We never used to be like this."
Reply from Vivian "Yes we did we have always argued like this".
Sums up the state of the game.
mr hey you

Anonymous said...

i am with Altium II too

moondan said...

The thought of Hearn and Davis finally realising their dream of running snooker has never set well with me so I pray that they are defeated.
Davison, looks a better class horse to put your money on.

I do cringe everytime I hear about snookers demise, yes in the uk we have lost tv hours and apart from the odd mickey mouse tournament Hearn will get sky to broadcast, it will make little difference to the big picture in the uk.
Tens, if not hundreds of millions have watched matches in china, and those totals will soon be dwarfed and here is why the likes of Hearn and Davidson are frothing at the mouth to put in place a power base and collect the riches that await.

The big boys in the east will control the game, its where the viewing figures are.
Never in the history of our planet have so many played and watched snooker, so all those that see this as a demise should really seek help.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Hi Dave
Dear Mr 11:51 pm
You seem adult enough Sir to pen a few words without using “The Fine Art” nom de plume. Thanks for the plug mister but I do not know either “Vivian” or Rick Mayall.
Please be aware Mr X that you have broken a very serious thread on who steals or buys the very “Soul” of professional snooker. (Time will tell).

The contestants are honourable men mister! One wants to hire the games “Soul” for a few years which is far too long and the other wants the games “Soul” for ever and a day.
Aren’t you ashamed Sir chattering on when there is so much wisdom being offered in the worlds biggest “Snooker blog.”.

I don’t know who you are Sir, but I think you are one of the many thousands that are making top money coaching the noble game tax free.
If you really loved the game Sir you would offer to pay to the WPBSA a few percent annual fees to stop all this discord.

There is more money made from coaching in this country alone than all the tournaments prize moneys. The real Mr hey you

oldschool said...

10 08.golfers may get nothing if they miss the cut but they can also enter a tournament somewhere in the world every week.snooker players get 6 chanches a year to win cash.so the pressures are completely different in these sports also making the cut in an average golf event cash wise is about the same as reaching a qaurter final in an average snooker event.so u do the math. sick of people who dont play talking about stuff they know nothing about. a golfer who has a reasonable season with all the sponshorship they get also is equivalent to 5 years of a reasonable snooker season.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Barry Hearn - AKA the self proclaimed "Bertie Big Bollocks" is running scared, the word is HE and his whipping boys are bombarding the players with phone calls urging them to attend the meeting in Sheffield, why are they doing this? According to one of his running mates (no prizes for guessing who) they want to disrupt the vote by calling for an adjournment - the only reason he would do this is because he thinks he will lose the vote.

What a massive turn around from Bertie, he told the players that "World Snooker was worthless", he said "he didn't need the players but they needed him" and that "the players should get jobs", and now he is trying everything in the book to prevent you from accepting the offer from John Davison on Wednesday.

The games up Bertie, let the players decide your fate on Wednesday like you said you would, or has all your talk been nothing more than froth and bubble?

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Hello again Dave
Dear Mr Moondan @ 10:34 am.
I think you are living in Cookoo land if you can’t or won’t admit the Professional game is dead. There will always be a few bob for the “Administrators” but not for sixty odd mouths to feed and mortgages to pay.

Please ask Snookers ever present and “Voice of Snooker” the last time or year the game showed a profit with enough funds to cover another tournament.
The game Sir is always waiting for its Giro to pay off the board members and staff.

There is money some where in the game, but not television money. It is tied up mysteriously in this “Commercial Rights” phrase.
Please accept Sir that the Tobacco Money subsidised and carried the professional players for about thirty years.

All administrations should be offered 20% of all profits after overheads. Snooker is in its infancy and only needs rejuvenated not dissected like a sick animal. Mr hey you .

CHRISK5 said...

Oldschool - 'Snooker players have
6 chances a year to win cash'

Actually,the number is usually
between 15-20 events per season
in the calendar.

Much of the current debate is about
what proportion of the calendar
should be Ranking events,PTC
or Invitationals.

Oldschool - You suggest that unless
Snooker has weekly events like Golf or has players earning
Prem Football wages - nothing else
could be deemed as success.

Have you ever followed Snooker
without your 'LOADSAMONEY specs'
on ? - If you tried it,you might
appreciate Snooker has more to offer than you think.

From a genuine Snooker follower!!

Anonymous said...

According to a main tour professional on my blog Barry Hearn is trying to get an adjournment on Wednesday.

John F said...

9:24 pm - If you really are a player, then your attitude mystifies me. I would love to be in your position of being "forced" to play a sport I enjoy for a living, but instead I'll be hunting for a bog-standard 9 to 5 job. If you find the prospect of entering tournaments so unappealing, why are you even on the pro circuit?

All of these small tournaments Hearn proposes are not going to be major parts of the circuit - I'd imagine that it will be the equivalent of the ATP/Challenger split in tennis - so for example, reaching the quarter-final of a major event (e.g. China Open) would give you the same number of points as winning one of these Players' Tour events.

As for saying the rolling ranking "stinks" - my guess is that you are a middle-ranking player in a run of very bad form who wants things to stay as they are because you're guaranteed a year classed as a top 48 (for example) player, but with a rolling system you might fall down the ranking list quickly. What about the players new to the tour who get NO money at all in the first two qualifying rounds? What about players like Li Hang or Thepchaiya un-Nooh who won quite a few matches on tour only to see themselves relegated, or at best fighting for survival on the one-year list? Don't you think that they would hold the opinion that the CURRENT ranking list "stinks"?

As for guaranteed money, do you really have much guaranteed money as things stand? The top 32 might have a nice life but middle-ranking players don't - if Hearn was able to put money into the game that filtered down through the WHOLE ranking list, wouldn't you want that?

Your point about how you could "lose to anyone" - yes, you could, but surely that's a risk that all pro sportsmen take? If I'm a low-ranked darts player, I'll enter
a tournament not knowing if my first-round match is against Phil Taylor or some local nobody. With TV exposure for snooker being what it is, if I was randomly drawn against Ronnie O'Sullivan in the first round, I'd be quite happy - granted I would almost certainly lose, but I might get some TV time, I might have a crowd watching me, my performance might look good to a sponsor - would I get any of these benefits playing a first qualifying round match in a Pontins cubicle?

Anonymous said...

It comes to something when darts players - who have had their sport turned around by Hearn - can look down at snooker players and laugh at them

If you vote down Hearn you are even more stupid than was apparent previously: and that's saying something!

darrus said...

It is a good idea to call of the EGM, to let players study the new proposal in every detail so they will know what they are voting for and what they are voting against, and also to avoid the vacuum which will arise if Hearn leaves, but there is another month till Davison takes the reign. Will be a responcible thing to do, but if Hearn does it everyone will decide that he is scared.

As for me, I just want it to be over. Let players vote on Wednesday, let Hearn walk out and then come what may.
I'm tired of it all already.

Anonymous said...

The future of professional snooker lies in the hands of the players at the moment. It does so because all of the various boards of Directors, mainly players, have for the last thirty years made sure that the W.P.B.S.A., the players own organisation, holds all the contracts, especially the television contracts, because that it where the real money in the game comes from. Without television you cannot get sponsors and if you give the T.V. contracts away to independant promotors you give the professional game away with them. Haven't the voting members of the game got the brains to realise this. Both bids should be rejected, a new board of intellegent members,people who have the long term future of the game at heart, should be elected. They can always get professional advice on business matters if they need it , which they most probably will,but the most important part of this action would result in the power in the game staying with the players themselves.They've always had that power but up until now they have wasted it by handing it over to any get rich quick manager or agent who told them that they needed him or her.In the main they abused it and abused the proxy votes the players gave them. Look what's happened, especially over the last ten years or so, the players havn't bothered and the so called business men have lined their pockets and nearly ruined the game for the players. Now the agents think the game is on its knees they are moving in for the kill. DON'T BE FOOLISH, KEEP THE POWER WITH THE PLAYERS, get together and support whoever you elect.Support them through thick and thin and do your part by promoting the game and those supporting it at every opportunity.Any other way means a slow death for snooker, it will return to the days of Joe Davis when a handful of Pro's scratched a living and ran a closed shop. If you give the game away those days wont be far away.

Anonymous said...

No. Snooker players need to study how other sports operate and then they'd see how ridiculous the governance of their game has been - thanks to them.

oldschool said...

chrisk5 .another person who knows nothing about the game .im atually a player so if these 15-20 tournaments exist i must have forgotten to enter them. 6 ranking events last season and if u try and say the masters qaulifier is a tournament with a top prize of £2000 and only 4 players getting prize money then u must be stupid.get your facts right before u start typing away.there are only 6 events open too all players FACT.

Janie (EBSA Media) said...

I'm puzzled why people are suggesting that Barry would want an adjournment of the EGM voting?

Or Am I missing something from my viewpoint in far away Romania?

If he wanted to allow time for both proposals to be presented and judged then an adjournment would be good.

But if he's just looking to get his "vote" through then an adjournment is not in his favour.

Of course there is a way to get everything done and dusted on Wednesday.

It is possible to propose an "amendment" to an EGM resolution. Therefore if the Resolution - eg Vote for Barry - was not carried, then the players could proceed to vote on "the amendment" - eg John Davidson's plan.

But knowing the wonderful world of snooker politics this could drag on!!

moondan said...

Mister hey you 3;25.

If cloud cuckoo land is where I live then so be it and there isnt any men in white coats here either, they are far too busy planning the treatment required for those that preach doom and gloom for a sport that has increased its worldwide fan base by tens of millions and its just the beginning.
Davison understands that, Hearn understands that, and I understand that.
Within 5 seasons, just about everyone will understand that.

I agree with several of your points, especially about snooker keeping the power to choose its own course.
To give Hearn an unlimited contract is indeed cuckoo land and would certainly be a cloud without a silver lining.
Anyone who votes for that should hang their heads in shame while they await treatment from the white coats.

Dave H said...

Janie - far too sensible an idea

You should know better

Anonymous said...

Ding comes out in favour of Davison.

It's nice to hear someone whose future is ahead of them and not largely behind them express an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Mr Moondan---Hello Dave
Concerning Snooker Sir I am not a doom and gloom merchant, but I am a realist. Think mister M we the “Snooker Addicts” have created five or six “Multi millionaires” and twenty poor single Millionaires yet we fail to have a backer unless they are guaranteed there money back “Up Front”.

Having the “Commercial Rights” mister M is a guarantee lottery win at least once a year after the initial down payment. In time the Pro game will attracts sponsors with the demand for TV Sport the “Lottery /Sponsorship” wins may then belong to a chap sunning himself in Bermuda.

Mister M if you were to offer Barry and Mr Davison one million pounds profit after five years investment they would insist on the “Commercial Rights”.
The game isn’t loosing money and will never loose money. Mr Rex Williams wanted to invest in property and wanted a new car, so he was ousted for being greedy and enterprising.

Mr Hey You will never Knock The lovely game Sir, but sadly it is no longer a TV attraction as it is played with a “Sameness” like watching last years tournaments. Mr Hey You

Betty Logan said...

It remains to be seen exactly what Davison is offering, but there are three things in his favour:

i) It was the right offer 8 years ago, and if it isn't substantially different then that is still in his favour.

ii) An offer can usually be judged by what is brought to the table and what is taken away. Davison wants 2/3 of the game, but is willing to pay for it. By my reckoning he is willing to put £7.5 million in over the next four years. If that is backed up by contractual obligations and proof of the readies, then financially that is obviously a much better offer than Hearn's who is essentially offering a one year 30% increase (£1m) for 50% of the game.

iii) a pre-nup: Davison's offer has an expiry date. If he turns out to be the devil, you get your soul back after 15 years.

The ace in Hearn's offer is his proven track record in snooker. I don't think he will fail so his offer guarantees the players a living but his offer does effectively require that the game is given away for nothing. Do the players honestly believe the game is worth nothing?

The fact is while snooker's popularity has decreased in the UK, its best days are well ahead of it in China. The Chinese econcomy is currently the fourth largest in the world, and is estimated to be the second largest by the end of the decade. With the Chinee market opening up there will be a lot of brand names looking for avenues into markets. Snooker is a working class game in the UK, but it it doesn't carry that stigma in China. If snooker can offer brand exposure to 100 million middle class consumers then its sponsorship potential is huge. The 15 year clause offers World Snooker another chance to renegotiate its commercial ownership should it value substantially increase.

Anonymous said...

Ding is backing davison

CHRISK5 said...

Oldschool - I am pleased to hear of your devotion to the ranking circuit.

However,including Invitationals &
several Pro-Am events which many
tour pro's do seek to enter.

Here is the list of active events -
are added to the mix.


That is 15 events even before
the Davison/Hearn masterplan takes
effect from 2010/2011.

Out of those 15 events,surely
OldSchool,you could have
entered 10-12 events minimum,
whatever your ranking status.

The calendar for 2010/2011
should expand further to nearer
20 events for players to compete in.

Though,I am sure you will still
find something to moan about !!

Witz78 said...

What a joke from Ebdon and the rest of the anti-Hearn brigade. Full of self interest and coming out with lame excuses to stab Hearn in the back by supporting this botched attempt at a rival bid thats most likely a pipedream. The 51% issue is a nonsense of a reason to back against Hearn, hes a born winner, has the media on his side and will continue the feelgood factor whilst increasing the opportunties for players at ALL levels and raising the profile of the game again.

God, Ebdon doesnt even acknowledge that he was originally wrong to back against Altium in 2002.

Hearn has concrete plans in place for next seasons tour plus expansion in future years. If and when this Davison mob get in, theres no way on earth they will manage to negotiate and get 10 rankers up and running in 2010/11. Are the players so naive that theyll accept a 5k sweetener from this man for what is in effect a facade to ensure Hearn doesnt get power.

As for the pro who commented and said he didnt agree with rolling rankings etc, get real mate, your either good enough or your arent. Havent you thought positive and thought "if i win a few matches i will rise up the rankings quicker"?

Snookers problem is the players having power, talk about the Self Preservation Society!

Barry already stated he would grow the game by a certain level every year and after 3 years if he had failed to deliver, then he would hand back full control. So its a no lose scenario under a proven winner in sports promotion.

Snooker players will be scoring the ultimate own goal yet again should they fail to back Hearn.

Lets hope by inviting this mob to the EGM on Weds, Hearn manages to pick holes throughtout their flimsy promises and this will lead most to see sense and vote through Hearns plans.

If not then were in for a stormy season with off field politics yet again dominating. I strongly doubt Hearn would take a defeat in the vote lying down and id expect to see an improved offer from him prior to a subsequent EGM or an attempt to form a breakaway rival tour for the elite and those who backed him, leaving the Altium 2 deal as the true poor relation.

CHRISK5 said...

Oldschool - If you say you are a
main tour professional - congratulations on that & yes,I do
believe you are.

I have been advocating for months
if not years,there should be
10-12 Ranking events minimum,
so lower ranked players get more
guaranteed playing/earning

Though,with more effort & endeavour,I am sure you could have
entered afew more of the socalled miscellanious type events in recent years - If you were desperate to play more & bolster your income.

If you want more guaranteed Ranking events to participate in -
Then I am sure you would be
more in favour of the Davison bid.

However,whether the Davison or
Hearn proposal wins through -
You should have 6 PTC events
which you would be eligible to
compete in from next season,
on top of all the other events too.

Instead of being negative,you
should be quite optimistic about
the new era of Snooker growth.

Anonymous said...

If Davison has 10 ranking events why can't he say where they will be and who will televise them?

Are people REALLY so stupid as to believe a set of nebulous promises against hard fact?

Anonymous said...

Chrisk5 "Davison also has an Australian wife,so at least a new wanker down under would be more of a certainty!

Nuff said!!

CHRISK5 said...

Anon 2.01am - Glad you liked the
subliminal aspect of my comment.

However - it's YOU who has just mispelt ranker ?!

I invite all blog readers to
scroll up to my 2nd contribution
on this subject.

Because,I DID spell it correctly
at the time.

Nice try Anon - better luck
next time !! LMAO

Back to serious business then.

SSB poll - Hearn has big majority.

Blog comments - it's split 50/50.

Players vote - Davison looks to
have the adavantage.

Is there more twists & turns
to come ? - Without doubt !

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2.01'

A new WHAT?

Anonymous said...

This is somewhat ridiculous. He had his chance, which would have been around the time Hearn made his proposal. Now after the delayed vote is to occur he comes with a slightly tweeked bit to lure in the players. Sure, it is good to have several offers at hand but his is not fair play. Davison is late and should get the ice cold shoulder. Let Barry Hearn try and if he fails - then he can have a go. Until then: bugger off!

Anonymous said...

I read Davison this morning trying to paint himself as some kind of traditionalist. What nonsense, he's never had anything to do with the sport. Has anyone asked him if he even likes it?

Hearn has been involved in snooker for 36 years. Apart from the new Sky shootout his commitment to the majors and the intergrity of the game is absolute, despite the rubbish written by the likes of snookerbacker.

These 10 magical ranking events? Anyone think they'll happen?

No, me neither.

Anonymous said...

Snooker needs root and branch reform. It needs a new image and new formats not another round of bog standard ranking events nobody cares about.

Anonymous said...

Witz78 - never a truer word said mate.

To any players reading this with a vote tomorrow night - use your head on this one and vote for Hearn otherwise you'll live to regret it. And think of the game of snooker and what's best and not self interest for once.


Why has Davison waited until now?

Because he is a front for Lee Doyle, who until recently, was on not only Hearns board, but also the Walker regime, who constantly promised this that and the other, without delivering.

Doyle also manages Hendry, hence his support.

Ding, a protege and friend of Ebbo, opts for Davison. Surprise, surprise.

Doyle has to resign from the board, due to his and Hearns' plans being incompatible.

That is, 110 versus World snooker.

Now the Doyle, Davison bid, which looks like a shortened version of the IMG bid that Walker was offering, with the addition of what looks suspiciously like a 5 grand "drop", per voter, just to sweep the undecided, or those struggling financially.

Can anybody with a modicum of intelligence, argue that Davison has any interest in the game apart from seeing it as a financial investment that may yield a return?

While nobody, similarily can deny Hearns love of the mighty greenback, at least we know he loves the game, and could never walk away leaving a legacy of failure.

He also has experience in the kind of sports that shares the same markets as snooker, i.e ,pool, poker and darts.

The choice is the most innovative promoter on the planet, or a finance guy who is a failed runner, and is supported by Ebbo and Lee Doyle, and God knows who else.

Betty Logan said...

Why has Davison waited until now? Maybe Davison has only launched his bid recently because it's only been recently that a stake in the game has come up for grabs! Why wasn't Hearn upfront about wanting 51% of the game for nothing before he was elected as chairman? There is certainly a blackmail element in there that players don't like despite generally supporting Hearn's vision for the game. Davison was serious 8 years ago so why do people doubt he is serious now? He is launching his bid now because he hasn't come to a deal with Hearn and time is running out, so it's now or never really.

Both camps have their plus points - Hearn is better qualified to reinvigorate the game and Davison is actually willing to pay for the it. In reality the six rankers they have will presumably stand, and these PTC events are probably easy to organise and cheap to run. My guess is that we will see a third ranker in China, the German ranker will still go ahead and possibly a return to Malta and Ireland. Davison presumably can't organise these events until he assumes control of the sport, but I guess we will find out more details about the events at the EGM. The most important aspect of his deal is the commitment of the funding - if the funding is actually in place and not just on a promise then why would the players turn that down?

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Dave
How are you lad! Thanks for the posts; you have been very kind and unbiased to the various views on “Snooker Politics”.

The “Fine Art” copyright hopes that Barry Hearn and John Davison join bank accounts for the games “Commercial Rights” but with an annual lease. A partnership of three (WPBSA) would give the game breathing space to Think what is best for Pro’ snooker.

Please remember folks that the lovely game does NOT carry a copyright. Both contestants want to buy a Commodity, Business, Game or Sport that really can’t be sold.
The now new fancy emblem W/S was created to remind other “Snooker Playing” countries “Hands Off” that we are still in charge of the professional side of this wonderful fun game.

There is nothing to stop Mr Charlie Chan creating his own World Snooker in London or Sheffield as there is no Copyright Restrictions to promoting the game of snooker. The only restrictions is to the games copyright books on the art of coaching. Mr Hey You.

PS Please note that the “Fine Art Method” will not be a part of “Commercial Rights” but is open to both Snooker and Pool for lease or hire to help control and benifit from the vast wealth that should require an annual permit and policed by internet rules of copyright. DM

oldschool said...

thanks for the list chrisk5.im not being negative again im dealing in facts. im not having a go at u its good to have people that care about the game . but i need to inform u that at least 7 events u listed not all players get invites.and before u think its the lower ranks not getting the invites certain events like the germanopen and the austian open run by brandon parker the players who he knows will vote a certain way r the first to get invited even if they r low down the list.i repeat only 6 events open to all players.again chris not wanting to have a go just trust me i know more about these things than u.i agree that we should have at least 1 ranking event every month suerly not a lot to ask.but cant happen without sponsers.with an ausralian world champ and chinese players getting stronger all the time hopefully this could happen in the future.

Anonymous said...

Various posts have said that the Davison proposal lacks proof of events,venues,broadcasters and guarantees of monies. Surely neither proposal can have such proof since there has not been a vote yet. Even without the Davison proposal, Barry Hearn's had still to be voted on. With only one proposal to vote on,it might have been a sure thing,but who would sign contracts until the votes had been cast. There can only be agreements in principal between relevant parties.
Whichever one is successful will mean that someone will be making money from that success so why the fuss about that? Do we expect them to act out of the goodness of their heart? They are first and foremost businessmen.
Others who seem to want a popularity contest are trying to link Davison with Lee Doyle and imply this is bad. Surely Davison would have to have declared any deal with Doyle or 110 Sport in his proposal.
Why is Lee Doyle the bad guy? Is this just from those who don't like him for some reason?
Similarly why is Barry Hearn the bad guy for others? Same reason-clash of personality?
I don't envy the players tomorrow having to try and make such an important decision.

ali said...

Copy and pasted from here: http://www.sportinglife.com/snooker/worldchampionships2010/news/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=snooker/10/06/01/SNOOKER_World_Snooker.html

"The likes of Stephen Hendry, Ding Junhui and Peter Ebdon, who are all managed by 110Sport, have pledged their support for Davison. However, Hearn has generated a lot of goodwill among many players impressed by his vision and his decades of experience.

Doyle has claimed Hearn has "ignored" his thoughts on the way forward for snooker.

"With him, there is no guarantee in the future that anyone else will be listened to, particularly the players," said Doyle.

Doyle stressed that 110Sport are "not involved" with the Davison bid, which is expected to go to a vote at a future EGM if Hearn's proposal is turned down by the players.

Doyle said: "All of my clients will make up their own minds about how to vote on Wednesday. However, if any of my clients have asked for advice ahead of this EGM, I have said categorically to go with John Davison.""

Witz78 said...

Anonymous 2.32pm,

you need to learn all about the history of the politics of the game then youll understand why many see Doyle as being the anti-christ.

Hearn is the man whos started the snooker re-birth so he deserves the chance to see out his plans. If they fail, then give someone another chance (which Hearn himself has said will happen) but this stabbing in the back of him by a few with not so hidden agendas of self importance is scandalous.

Hearn plans are concrete as venues are already booked and tickets on sale (ive already bought some for events next season) so his plans are far more advanced stage than Davisons which would have to pass through another EGM in a months time, meaning the prospects of 10 rankers next season are vastly unfeasible.

Hearn has the proven track record in sports promotion and has been involved with snooker for over 30 years and his passion for the sport cannot be denied, he has no reason to want this not to suceed. He has no agendas unlike most others and will transform snooker like he has with darts, if given the chance.

Dont let this opportunity pass you by....

PS- The decision by Davison to not attend tomorrows EGM is just the latest scam from 110sport/ Davison. This rival bid has been in the pipeline for months but they have deliberatly held it off until the last minute to cause confusion and see exactly what Hearns final position was so they could pip his offer and fool players into voting against him.

The real reason they arent attending is that they dont have answers as the 10 rankers are mythical and they know Hearn would expose their botched attempt to overthrow him for what it is. But they put their spin on this to make Hearn look like the bad guy when if they were really genuine about whats best for snooker they would have made their bid public months ago.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Witz

Peter said...

Davison isn't going to attend the EGM.


He knows he won't have answers to the hard questions and more holes will be found in his 'plan' than a sieve.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Witz!