If ever snooker needed a great world final it was this year so let's hope Graeme Dott and Neil Robertson can provide it.

Dotty exemplifies the best qualities in the sport: determination, hard work and an iron will to win.

He's arguably played the best snooker of the tournament and has certainly been more fluent than when he landed the Crucible title in 2006.

Robertson's game is allied to unshakable self belief in his own abilities. He has made many sacrificies, including leaving his family to live on the other side of the world.

They can be rightly proud of his achievements.

You can read my pre-tournament preview about him here.

Robertson has noticeably slowed down in the last year or so. He needs to make sure he isn't dragged into a grind because Dott, although he has played quickly this year, can scrap it out if he has to, as he proved against Mark Selby last night.

I think it will be a close match and hopefully one that snooker fans will enjoy and that will present the sport in a positive light to the wider world.


Anonymous said...

I'm a casual snooker viewer and was looking forward to the final. But I'm concerned that many of the matches, if not all of them, are fixed. It makes me sick in my stomach. Can anyone assure me that this year's final is kosher?

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame that on the day when two Scots are contesting the final a fellow Scot is grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

1221 its kosher
1238, two scots?

Intrepid Reporter said...

No doubt that the Higgins allegations make this a sad day for snooker though it was heartening to hear sponsor Betfred retain its support of the sport.
The final itself is not a Crucible classic so far with Dott's break of 80 in the first frame as the highest break of the match, and only four breaks above 50 overall. As expected, it is very tight though Robertson has done well just to lose the session 5-3 after providing Dott with numerous chances even in the frames which he has won.
You can read a frame-by-frame account of the final on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
Thank for the posts! I switched over from football and caught the sixth frame of the World championship on BBC to hear some copycat material from John Virgo and Big Willie Thorne on the cue ball leaving the clothe or bed of the table.

Snooker the “Fine Art” method has detailed this phenomena or anomaly as copyright matter. I wonder Dave if the BBC or some other body has declared snooker subjects a non copyright zone.

Eurosport never infringes copyright! Are the BBC lads under orders to copy everything snooker they chance hear and read?
If this information was not newly copied why didn’t these “Experienced” commentators tell us this “Know How” twenty or thirty years ago? Or from Steve and Big John in Hazels Corner.

The “Mechanics of the balls” and the “Science of Physics” details the reasons and causes why the balls leave the table and are new subjects to the “Snooker Profession”.
The “Fine Art” is open to any one to copy; but not for commercial use or to enhance a reputation Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

i see my polite question never made it on here david, yet this mans pure pish did.


Dave H said...

Your post probably fell by the wayside along with 15 or so others when the site experienced a 'technical malfunction' (also known as me pressing 'reject' instead of 'accept' by accident

It's been a long two weeks

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there is a problem and its been arising for the last couple of weeks or so....

other users have said their posts havent been posted, when not rude

when i hit submit, it sometimes doesnt come up as "your post has been made and awaits moderation" in green.....

i sometimes have to resubmit til i see this, but its only happened for the last couple of weeks, coincidentally the same as when others mentioned posts not appearing

just in case that helps

also, PMSL at you postsing my post with the word pish in it...i will use urine next time

Intrepid Reporter said...

Dott brilliantly kept his title challenge alive with the first century of the final in the 22nd frame, a frame largely out of keeping with the rest of the session.
Robertson will not be too displeased at having split this session 3-3 as he retains a two-frame lead but, with the players only having fitted in six frames in session three, it could be a long night ahead.
Frame-by-frame reports on my blog.

Anonymous said...

i cant stand others who use someone elses blog to make posts and thinly veiling there posts with subtle hints to visit their own site

Intrepid Reporter said...

Hello, me again.
I'm disappointed to read the comments from Anon at 7.51PM.
This may be the first time I've ever commented on this blog but I have been a long-time 'lurker' and enjoy Dave H's comments on the game and his access to information is the like of which I could only dream.
Anyway, I think it is incorrect to suggest that the ONLY reason I visited this blog was to redirect people to mine.
Of course, I cannot deny that I was trying to get some traffic for my site but only because I recognise that this blog is a lot more popular than mine.
Primarily, I visit this blog to read Dave H's thoughts on the game and decided to make some comment myself for once.
Perhaps next time I'll ditch any subtlety and avoid giving my own thoughts on the game altogether.

Anonymous said...

i certainly didnt say that it was the ONLY reason, so from that point the rest of you "point" was a waste of a read, as you OBVIOUSLY didnt read my post properly.

Dave, your blogs have been great this past 17 days!!