Stephen Hendry and John Higgins head the field for the revived Scottish Professional Championship, which will be staged at the Lucky Break club in Clydebank in April.

The tournament has been restored to the calendar by its last winner, John Rea, who captured the title in 1989.

Hendry and Higgins join fellow Scottish stars Stephen Maguire and Graeme Dott as seeded players for the quarter-finals.

Due to huge interest from ex-professionals and amateurs the tournament has been opened up and qualifying rounds will precede the main event.

Former pros Billy Snaddon, Paul McPhillips, John Lardner, Murdo MacLeod and Scott MacKenzie are among those taking part.


Stevie Wylie or John Rea v Mark Boyle or Davy McLellan
Scott MacKenzie or Craig MacGillivary v Murdo MacLeod or Richy McDonald
Paul McPhilips or Giulio Rea v Billy Snaddon or John Lardner
James McBain

PRELIM 1 (Lucky Break)
Jamie Burnett v QUALIFIER 3 (6th April @ 2.15pm)
PRELIM 2 (Lucky Break)
Alan McManus v QUALIFIER 1 (6th April @ 7.30pm)
PRELIM 3 (Lucky Break)
Marcus Campbell v James McBain (8th April @ 2.15pm)
PRELIM 4 (Lucky Break)
Anthony McGill v QUALIFIER 2 (8th April @ 7.30pm)

(1) John Higgins OR PRELIM 1 (11th April @ 7.30pm)
(4) Stephen Hendry OR PRELIM 2 (11th April @ 2.15pm)
(3) Graeme Dott OR PRELIM 3 (12th April @ 2.15pm)
(2) Stephen Maguire OR PRELIM 4 (12th April @ 7.30pm)

Winners of Higgins and Hendry matches (13th April @ 2.15pm)
Winners of Dott and Maguire matches (13th April @ 7.30pm)

FINAL(Lucky Break)
(14th April @ 7.30pm)


kildare cueman said...

Higgins and Dott in the final.

Anonymous said...

hendry and maguire final

Betty Logan said...

How come John Rea isn't the top seed if he's the reigning champion?

Dave H said...

In fairness it's been 23 years since he won it

Anonymous said...

think betsy was just being silly...
like the time HE thought 888 still sponsor the wc

Redandblackblog said...

Have they found the trophy yet?

Anonymous said...

A nice little trophy for Hendry a few weeks before he lifts the big one.
"And the winner of the Betfred World Championship 2011: Steeeeeephen Hendry!! Stephen, it's been a fantastic final, hasn't it? 9 centuries and a maximum. How do you explain this return to greatness?"

Don't wake me up from my beautiful dream.

urindragon said...

3:13 -
couldn't agree with you more

Anonymous said...

well said urine dragon

Anonymous said...

Now that 3,13 and 4.06 have awoken, they can comfort themselves with the knowledge that Hendo will be a dangerous floater in the world seniors, if he wishes to take up his invitation next season

Anonymous said...

"Billy Snaddon, Paul McPhillips, John Lardner, Murdo MacLeod and Scott MacKenzie"

strength in depth. Surprised Eddie Sinclair hasn't got an entry

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember who the current English, Welsh and Irish professional champions are?

They were last played in 1989, 1991 and 2007 respectively.

Think Alain Robidoux is still the Canadian professional champion.

Betty Logan said...

Joe Swail is the Irish one. I think the Welsh one is Darren Morgan. Haven't a clue about the Engish.

Betty Logan said...

Or maybe not!

Anonymous said...

Ken Doherty, Darren Morgan, and Mike Hallett.

clackspool said...

Fud says :

SNADZ to win it all the way.

Anonymous said...

Anthony McGill in the final against John Higgins..Anthonys home club and the table he practices on every day.

Anonymous said...

when are the qualifiers played ?