Neil Robertson, the reigning world champion, has lost his passport according to an interview with Barry Hearn in the Guardian.

The Australian is due to play Anthony Hamilton in the German Masters in Berlin on Thursday night.

The news follows the withdrawal today of Ronnie O'Sullivan.

"What with Ronnie and a world champion who's lost his passport, what chance have you got?" said a clearly exasperated Hearn.

Assuming the details are correct, this is the latest in a long line of scrapes Robertson has got himself into.

Yes, these things happen but they have happened too regularly to Robertson.

I have some sympathy for Neil. He is a new father and he and his partner do not have parents living nearby to share the load.

I hope he makes it to Germany, but surely he needs to take a serious look at his preparation because eventually all this will cost not just him but the game as well.


Rodolfo Massi said...

What a joke this once great sport is becoming.

It's now on a par with cycling.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up

Anonymous said...

Neil is walking on thin ice, falling through, then walking back out and falling through again.

Get a handler, a manager, a guy who takes care of the details, get something!

Maybe it is time to get tough with the slobs and the quitters and read them the riot act. I they get mad and refuse to cooperate so be it. The stars need to at least respect the fans and not bite the feeding hands.

Anonymous said...

Dock him ranking points.

Push for this, Mr.Blogger (Dave)

Anonymous said...

Clever spin to try and distract from another Ronnster blowout.

In comparison to ROS you would think that Robbo could have another 100 of these instances before there is any legitimate paralell in attitudes.

Anonymous said...

As we've adopted Robbo so warmly in this country it's no surprise he wants to stay here !!

trophymad said...

do they really expect us to believe this "excuses"? *shrugs*

William Callaghan said...

This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened and each time Neil says he promises to learn his lesson...when will that be then? He has to sort himself out before he costs him

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Robertson have a manager?

Janie Watkins said...

Snooker Players - I despair!!

The pros are worse than the amateurs!!

Janie Watkins said...

David - great chance to roll out some of the Mark Wildman lost passport stories.

Remember Russia - when he was one side of a barrier and his suitcase and passport were the other side and the Russians wouldn't let him through!

Oliver said...

Who is looking after this guy? I mean, can you honestly imagine the world champion in any other televised sport going unmanaged and booking his own trains and not turning up to a major event on account of forgetting his passport? Do you think this sort of thing happens to Roger Federer?

He needs to get someone to look after this sort of thing. It's hardly as if he can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

id allow neil his 2 or 3 blips.
as 11-50 said, compared to the spotlight kid, he has god bads of room left for annoying authoruty.

Anonymous said...

You dont technically need a passport for travel within the EC. Its just a form of ID for the plane companies post 9-11.
Surely something could be sorted.

World snooker needs to make the ranking tariffs higher for overseas events than those at home.
An automatic docking of points should also be in place for non starters.

Thirdly, why do they have to show Selby and Bond, probably the games two dullest players?

Anonymous said...



neil will be at the event

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Robertson's found it again as he's in action tonight against Hamilton. Looks like Hearn's gonna have to give Robertson and O'Sullivan a serious talking to.....


Anonymous said...

alpha... and others

nr done nowt wrong and turned up

wtf has barry to talk to him about? his hairdo?

he needs to boot ros on the arse though