Congratulations to the second group of qualifiers for the professional circuit from Q School – Tian Pengfei, Li Yan, Davey Morris and Simon Bedford.

Tian and Li will further bolster the Chinese presence on the main tour and have earned their place without the need for wildcards.

Tian in particular is fine talent, as he has proved in various Chinese ranking events. Li is the first of the eight Q School qualifiers who hasn’t played on the pro circuit before.

I’m pleased to see Morris returning after he was relegated at the end of last season.

Irish snooker is still waiting for someone to break through and threaten to emulate at least some of Ken Doherty’s achievements.

That player could still be Morris, who went missing so often from worldsnooker.com’s live scoring at Q School that one wag on Twitter wondered whether he had taken out a super-injunction to prevent people knowing he was playing.

Morris made his TV debut at the World Open last September. After that his performances tailed off badly but he has displayed encouraging fighting qualities to return.

Bedford has bags of experience. He played at the Crucible in 1998 and has the distinction of having once made a maximum against his own mother.

The third and final Q School event starts tomorrow.


urindragon said...

Ha Ha nice one about Bedford, serving his own mum with a maxi!

Anonymous said...

save a thought for Gilbert so near and yet so far Again.

Betty Logan said...

Apparently amateurs will be able to qualify via the PTC from this season as well. I was under impression this was already the case, but apparently only players already on the main tour could qualify by the PTC. A good move in my view; if any amateur enters the PTCs and finishes ahead of the pro players on the order of merit no reason whatsoever why he shouldn't get the tour spot.

jamie brannon said...

I take it that was a joke about his mom?

Dave H said...

Joe Johnson told me it was true!

jamie brannon said...

I said that one of Tian, Li Hang and Zhang would make it.

Hopefully David Gray will still get his card. He shouldn't have fallen off the tour so soon.

Anonymous said...


when you drink heavily and end up in gutters in Thailand the reality is you deserve to drop off tour.

Anonymous said...


he "shouldnt"? have fallen off?

just like many others who worked harder than him but didnt end up like that.

not that im slagging him, but others "shouldnt" have dropped off more than he

jamie brannon said...

Did these 'others' win a ranking event just eight years ago or reach a UK final seven years ago?

Yes, he probably did take his eye off the ball but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be good to see him get back.