Shaun Murphy has given an extensive review of his season over at his website.

You can read it here.

I'm pleased to see Shaun making an effort with this site because player websites are few and far between and even in the ones that exist there is very little input from the actual players - unlike in so many other sports.

Players sometimes complain they have been misrepresented in the media (and occasionally they are) but they have a platform on the web to tell it their way and it surprises me that more don't take that opportunity.

Speaking of snooker on the net, there's a useful summary at Pro Snooker Blog here.


Anonymous said...

I follow his website and comment on his posts. Well done Shaun.

Anonymous said...

im not a fan of SM, but credit where its due wrt him making a good effort...

Betty Logan said...

I like the guy, and don't really get why he's so unpopular. He makes the effort, works hard, conducts himself appropriately, and is one of the few young players in the game to establish himself as a distinct personality. His opinions seem to be pretty honest, although I understand how that can grate with some people. Let's be fair, in his News of the World sting they exposed him for not having sex with a prostitute, so I don't really see much to dislike.

Anonymous said...

betty, have you ever met shaun?

Betty Logan said...

I said "well played" to him once, and he said "thankyou" so I now count him as a close personal friend.

Witz78 said...

If he HAD had the sex with a prostitute hed probably have gained more popularity.

I think its his religious beliefs and outspoken views on the game that have made him unpopular, plus his overweight physical appearance makes him a target for abuse, just like Stephen Lee i guess.

Personally im not a fan of him, whilst i dont majorly dislike him i would only ever support him against a few players that i really dont like.

Partly this may be down to his playing style changing a bit over the years. His gung ho all out potting in 2005 when he won the WC was awesome but he seems to have compromised some of this in recent years.

Hes also underachieved i feel, despite his World and UK crowns.

Anonymous said...

Why would he be more popular if he had had sex with a prostitute?
I can't see why that would make anybody popular!

jamie brannon said...

I don't mind him and he is a lovely cueist to watch.

However, did love it when O'Sullivan beat him at the Crucible, as some of his comments about Ronnie were baffling and smacked of jealousy.

Although did agree with him on his comments about O'Sullivan's attitude regarding his 147 at World Open.

To dislike someone for their physical appearance is beyond daft.

Dave H said...

Keep it above the waist, please. We're pre-watershed here.