You won’t hear a bad word said about Barry Hawkins and his humility in the moments which followed his victory in the Australian Goldfields Open today was a genuine delight to witness.

The enormity of what he had achieved only seemed to register with Barry as he was being interviewed in the arena. Mention of his wife, Tara, and young son, Harrison, threatened to bring forth a flood of tears but he just about held it together.

Like last year’s nice-guy winner in Bendigo, Stuart Bingham, Hawkins has more than put the years in. He was one of those players everyone knew was good enough to win a big title but this was no guarantee he would actually do it.

In fact, he played superbly in the final. He was positive, went for his shots, took the game to Peter Ebdon and refused to let him dominate.

He outplayed him in every department. Right to the end he tried to win rather than closing the shop, worried he would lose.

As a teenager, Barry was an office junior. His life could have been very different: perhaps more stable but also a lot more boring.

Because though sport is unpredictable, precarious and often gut-wrenchingly disappointing, it can also throw up days like this, the memories of which will last a lifetime.

It’s been a long trip for Hawkins and the other snooker foot soldiers who have supported the three events played in China, Thailand and Australia.

He heads home today with his first world ranking title and the confidence to push on this season and get himself back in the top 16.

Barry isn’t one for tweeting or controversy or complaining. What he does is plays snooker, and today he played the match of his career.

Well done to him.



Hi David. A great victory for a lovly guy. Barry Hawkins's 9-3 Win over Peter Ebdon, In today's Australian open final, gave him his maiden world ranking title. Totally deserved. He played suprb. A century break along the way, als, for Hawkins.

Unlucky for Ebdon.

Another event, another maiden winner.

Great stuff. Well done to Barry Hawkins.

To go slightly off subject, David, in commentary, along with, Joe Johnson, today, you said that Ronnie O'Sullivan has broken His foot. Best wishes, from me, to him, for a speedy recovery. No punn intended. (You said he broke his foot, whle running.)

Anonymous said...

well done barry hawkins well deserved win and against a legend in ebdon..how much does barry actually take home after tax???is it about 20k?? all that aside its a ranking win and a spot in premier leauge next year well i hope it is a spot in premier leauge


Three Hawkins cetury breaks today! Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Should have been in the Premier League this year as the winner of the other shotclock event.

As for Barry' earnings, he will have 20% income tax on top of that 46% Aus tax, with a further 20% going to his management and 2% going to World Snooker. That will leave him with 12% of his winnings, which works out at about 5k at current exchange rates. His expenses will have to come out of that too, and I don't think he will get much change from 2k when you factor in the air fare. That will leave him with about 3k, which still isn't bad for a week's work.

Anonymous said...

World Snooker advised the players of a simple way of getting round the 46% tax if any of them (or their so-called managers) could be bothered to read it

Anonymous said...

well done barry.

thats two barrys i like in snooker.

barry the player and the other one who doesnt bow down to ronniealdinho.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 6.53. You either pay tax in Oz or UK, not both.

Clive Stringer said...

With the same alliteration and syllables as a former certain legend, Harrison Hawkins just has to be a future snooker champ.

Chuffed for Barry, lovely tribute Dave.

Anonymous said...

what 3k from 70000 that is absurd,,im sure he has to take homw over 20000 sterling..come someone shed light on this?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, World Snooker could have chosen a better photo for their website. Barry looks like a simpleton in it.

LuigiVampa said...

6:53 - I'm hoping you don't work in finance, as you wouldn't be my accountant!!!
If you could make me only 5% of those winnings, you'd be the worst accountant on the planet!

Well done Barry, a dominant performance in the final.
I know people berate the shootout, but I wonder if that win has given Barry a little boost in confidence, which has enabled him to push on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your misinformed rubbish with us.
You nothing of the tax system in either Australia or the UK.
Did you really believe what Mark Allen said it the papers?

jamie brannon said...

Congratulations to Barry Hawkins on winning his first major title. A reward for consitency he has shown to hover (no pun intended) in and around the top 16 for about a decade now.

I'm also beginning to warm to Peter Ebdon again. I actually think we will miss him when he has departed the scene, as he provides a different kind of examination paper to many of today's players. His competitive intensity has to be admired.

A genuine oddball character too.

Can147 said...

@4:57 Good Point! Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

When he has "departed the scene"? Haven't you heard, Ebbo doesn't do 'decline'.

Anonymous said...

can someone pls state how much barry took home of the 70000 australian dollars.is this the reason allot of top 16 refused to play in the australian open?

Geoffrey Mc Donnell said...

I saw Barry just by himself eating in a Bakery in Bendigo on the Friday morning.Shaun Murphy and Andrew Selt were seen in Mc Donalds and coffee shop at the Venue and i had the chance to meet 6 players in this Marvelous Tornemount.As long as you didn't take too much of their Time people like Peter Ebdon wwre 'great' to meet all players seem very solid decent people!~. Seating was 'great' in that up till Friday you were watching 2 matches each session for the price of one. Uncomfortable seats made the 5 hour Peter Ebdon match on Thursday painful to watch and once it was just down to one Televised table..i (wisely) with drew to a compfy bar seat to watch it 'live' on the Foxtel coverage.Many matches were good/great to watch with the most dissapointing being the Robertson 'loss' when he came on in Winning style....whether the 9.45pm START to midnight match had anything to do with this i do not know.Living in Australia this was a golden opportunity to see some great Snooker, Going to the Crucible will have more compfortable seats but not better viewing or prices to watch. A great success for Australia holding this and i enjoyed every minute of it.