Stuart Bingham today made a maximum break and two other centuries and was beaten 10-4 in the final of the Wuxi Classic.

Snooker can be a strange game like that. An amateur in a club would, in theory, have a chance of beating a professional if the pro had an off day.

Yet nobody from a running club is going to beat Usain Bolt over 100 metres unless the great man pulls up with an injury.

In snooker, you can play brilliantly for spells but still lose. Bingham would surely swap his third career 147 for the title.

Walden's success is his second world ranking title, four years after his first. I suspect it won't be that long until his third.

He didn't make the big breaks that Bingham did but he was superior in broken play. A match is often remembered for high breaks but every frame counts.

Bingham has played a lot of snooker already this season. While that has got him bang in form, there could be a bit of fatigue setting in too, especially as he had four deciding frame finishes this week.

He now has another fortnight's snooker to come, first at the Six Reds World Championship in Bangkok and then in Bendigo where he defends his Australian Goldfields Open title.

Walden will be in them too. Full of confidence and £75,000 better off for the best possible start to the season.

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A great game David. A maximum for Bingham. Great Walden performance.