Stuart Bingham and Ricky Walden are hands down two of the nicest guys on the circuit.

They love their snooker. They love the cut and thrust of competition. They love being professionals.

They are also both winners already. Bingham landed the Australian Open title last season. It’s four years since Walden captured the Shanghai Masters.

Since then, Walden did not push on in the manner many, perhaps himself included, expected. He did get into the top 16 but dropped out again. Last season ended in a 10-2 defeat to Jamie Jones in the final qualifying round of the World Championship.

However, the rolling ranking system still saw him return to the top 16 and he has a chance now to well and truly bed himself in.

How different it could have been this week. In the last 16, he led Joe Perry 4-0 and 64-0 but missed frame and match ball. An hour or so later it was 4-4 on the black, which a relieved Walden potted for victory.

Against Marcus Campbell in the semi-finals Walden was ultra positive, going for his shots and refusing to be dragged into a tactical battle. This is surely the way he will approach the final.

Bingham is on a roll of course, having won the Pink Ribbon pro-am and APTC1 in the last few weeks. He has won four deciders to reach the final, making 134 in the last to see off Mark Davis, who rallied from 4-0 down to lead 5-4.

Bingham had in fact not been past a last 16 since winning the Aussie Open last year but, like Walden, has hit the ground running this season.

This could be a very entertaining final between two players who are evenly matched.

And, whatever happens, you know they are going to enjoy being centre stage.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie is tring to deflect from the finalists by writing rubbish in the Sunday Star again.
Lets not speak about him please.

Anonymous said...

Then why did you?

Oh, and that poster who keeps saying "spotlight kid" ... You are getting as boring and repetative as RoS himself.

Whatever happens, Binham is doing great .. Hope his run coninues!