Happy New Year. We’re about to plunge headlong into another year of snooker. There are six events in January alone.

Before all that, though, here’s ten snooker predictions for 2013. Please be advised no money will be returned for any wagering.

1)      Mark Allen will win the Masters

2)      The 100th official maximum break will be made

3)      Ronnie O’Sullivan will not play in the World Championship but will play next season

4)      Judd Trump will win the World Championship

5)      The Crucible deal will be extended

6)      ITV4 will broadcast a ranking event

7)      Michael White will reach at least the semi-finals of a ranking tournament

8)      Mark Williams will not tweet anything about the Crucible before the World Championship

9)      The UK PTCs will be scaled down or scrapped altogether

10)  I will make no mention of any of these predictions come December


Anonymous said...

Still no Knighthood for Steve Davis. World Snooker should really be pressing his case.

Monique said...

Happy New Year David and happy new year to this blog as well.

Prediction 10 is entirely up to you to make true ;-)
Re prediction 9, I've heard from reliable source that indeed UK PTC could be reduced to 2, and the PTC prize money basically doubled for the surviving UK/EPTCs events.
I would be surprised if prediction 2 didn't come true.
I'm pretty confident about the first part of prediction 3, but not at all about the second part.

Here are a few predictions of my own…

1 This year shoot-out will be the last for this event
2 Judd Trump will regain the n°1 spot at some point during the year

and a brave one:

3. Mark Williams will retire and join Hendry on the Chinese 8-ball tour.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

My preictions:
1) Mark Williams will meet Not Mark Williams.
2) New snooker players joining the twitter, e.g.: Dott.
3) Ronnie will play the Power Snooker in March (if we have Power Snooker)
4) World Snooker will make official statement about Lee.
5) Hendry will play a World Pool Masters in 2013.
6) David Hendon will make predictions for 2014.
7) International Championship directors buys more pandas in the arena.
8) Under investigations matches will come in 2013.
9) World Snooker makes another picture perfects on twitter.
10) Official live scoring page will have new functions

doctorcue147 said...

Hear Hear!
Couldn't agree more!

Unknown said...

Hope 5 happens, 2 will certainly happen

My predictions:

Ali Carter to win the Masters
Judd Trump to regain number one during 2013
A Chinese player to contest the world final

Anonymous said...

As I know your predictions mostly say the opposite of what will happen I feel sorry for Mark Allen and Judd Trump.

Unknown said...

Brecel to get to a big final
Trump no1
Better Coverage on the BBC and better commentary on eurosporr

TrevorP said...

Matt at prosnooker blog made the same prediction regarding ITV so have you received any prior knowledge Dave ?.why do they keep insisting on scaling down UK PTC's is it down to a venue ?.after losing SWSA i mean

Anonymous said...

Re 11:03 I dont think we will see a Chinese player in the World final for at least the next 5 years.

Re ITV4 I suggest Dave you know something.... will it be best of 7 format?

Anonymous said...

Ronnie to defend world title and to retain it because no player can live with him when he's on top form apart from Higgins. Carter to win masters

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Ronnie to defend world title and to retain it because no player can live with him when he's on top form apart from Higgins. Carter to win masters

2:21 PM
yeah cos obviously all he has to do is play to be in top form...

just like that match against that guy I cant remember his name who he lost to.


Daniel said...

Did myself some predictions: 100th 147 will be played this season, ronnie will play WC and the next season, murphy will win the masters, trump will be german masters champion, bingham will either win the world open or china open, there will be another big ranking event in german, williams will retire, selby to win the world championship.

Dutchnugget said...

2 and 3 true
4 I think Selby will win 18-17 against Judd Trump
5 I hope so
6 Tell me which one? (just curious)
7 A dream semi: Michael White versus Luca Brecel.

8 Not a chance,because he tweets very often and if Steve Davis qualifies Mark will have some mindgames with him.

9 Does this mean more EPTC's (hmm,we could do with one here in the Netherlands.

10 I hope you will mention,otherwise will help you do it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I believe it will finally be Jimmy's year. He's playing better than ever in practice.

PaulG said...

Have you got word of a tournament on itv Dave ?.why are they getting rid of the uk ptc's and will they be replaced with other events ?.

Anonymous said...

1. Judd trumps head grows so big it falls off
2. Carter learns to fly happy.
3. Bingham wins world champs
4. Robbo get his hair cut off for charity
5. Steve Davis skyrockets up the rankings to top 32
6. Michael wasley surprises all and wins a ranker
7. Mjw gets free nandos for life
8. Murphy wins in oz and Germany
9. People forget Maguire plays snooker
10. Ronnie sues

Anonymous said...

My prediction: Dave Hendon will keep on writing his fantastic blog!
Alright, this is no prediction, but a wish...
A good year to you, from a Dutch snooker fan.
Bernie Putters

Liesl von Trapp said...

Will a PTC come to Austria?

jamie brannon said...

I'm a little concerned by Dave's prediction about O'Sullivan, in the sense that he has a good source informing him.

On the flipside, I'm hopeful that Dave is also 'in the know' on ITV4 showing a full ranking event.

Why are they bothering with Power Snooker again?

Anonymous said...

Shut up you idiot a ptc match really? Do you think ronnie was really bothered

Anonymous said...

No Dave it is not called a prediction when i have read two of your so called predictions coming from the mouth of Jason Ferguson in an interview with snooker island where he said "uk ptcs will be scrapped or scaled down to two" also World Snooker are working with broadcasters such as ITV about possible tournaments.so hardly predictions more fact eh ?.

Anonymous said...

I predict Jamie will mention Ronnie in 87% of his posts on here, despite the topic in hand rarely having anything remotely directly to do with him.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie O'Sullivan to enter the 2013 World Championship, only to pull out later.


Happy new year David.