We’re down to the semi-finals at the Ally Pally...

A repeat of last year’s final, which Robertson won 10-6, between two players who could easily have been knocked out in the previous round.

Last year, Robertson beat Judd Trump at the semi-final stage, after which Trump made a few less than kind comments about his pace of play. This week, the Aussie said Trump had been right, and that he was looking to get less bogged down and play a more instinctive game.

This is typical Robertson: even when someone is having a go at him he remains positive. It’s one of his best attributes, this ability to always see the glass not so much half full as overflowing.

Murphy was defensive early on against John Higgins. It didn’t work so he attacked and he turned it around. There are few better playing this sort of snooker.

These two could serve up another Masters classic.

PREDICTION: Robertson 6-5

Selby arrived at his 3-0 lead over Mark Williams last night having made a highest break of 28. This was poor fare but Selby potted the key balls and, crucially, he kept his focus.

Towards the end he started to play better as he seeks to emulate Williams, Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry in winning the big three titles in the same season.

Dott must have been surprised by how poorly Trump played. Everyone was, Trump included.

These two played in the recent European Tour final in Germany, which Selby shaded 4-3. They can both get stuck in when they need to but Selby is better when attacking and may have enough firepower to get the job done.



Anonymous said...

I'd say it's been a vintage Masters so far, really enjoyable.


Hi David. Happy 64th birthday, for today, to Dennis Taylor. He was born on 19-1-1949. Today is 19-1-2013.

Anonymous said...

A year from retirement then....


Re: 4.50 pm. Haha!


Hi David. A good standard in today's first match. Murphy .V. Robertson.

A good 84 from Robertson, in frame 1, puts him 1-0 up.

Murphy does well in frame two, to win it. 1-1.

A superb 132 total clearance from Robertson, in frame 3, gives him a 2-1 lead.

In frame 4, Robertson dooes well to win it, after needing a snooker. He leads, 3-1, at the mid-session interval.

Murhy wins frame five. Robertson leads, 3-2.

After making 43, in frame six, murphy makes a mistake and Robertson clears with 85, to lead, 4-2.

A superb clearance of 127, in frame seven, from Robertson, puts him three up, with four to play, at, 5-2.

An edgy frame eight, is won by Robertson. He wins 6-2. The reigning champion, is through to the final.

I can not wait, for tonight's Semi-Final, between Mark Selby and Graeme Dott. It should be a good one.


Hi David. What an engrossing match between Selby and Dott. Selby .V. Dott

A first frame, where both have chances, ends up on a black-ball fight. When Selby is clearing up, he misses a not so easy, black. Dott gets it. 1-0, to Dott.

A 79 break from Selby, in frame two. He levels at 1-all.

Frame three - A 111 break from Dott. Dott leads, 2-1.

A 75 break from Dott in frame four. Dott leads, 3-1, at the mid-session interval.

Frame Five. A long, drawn out, 37 minute frame, goes to Dott. Dott is 4-1 up.

Frame six - Again, it's decided on the black, after 31 minutes. Dott misses. Selby gets it. It's 4-2, to Dott.

Frame seven - A 51 minute grind, this time. It goes to selby. It's 4-3, to Dott.

Frame eight - Selby is first in. Then, another safety exchange develops. Selby wins that. Shot choices of Dott are to lead to John Virgo, in the BBC commentary box, to say, he thought Dott was starting to, "Lose his cool." Selby wins this frame. From 4-1 down, Selby levels, at 4-4. Possibly, another comeback , that may be successful.

Frame nine - Selby misses a long red. Dott gets a long red, loses position. After a while, Selby is left a chance. He plays safe. Another tactical exchange develops. Dott wins it. Aleady 22 points ahead, Dott loses position, pots a tough black. He loses position again, holding a lead of 31 points. Selby, through a kick, misse a tough red. Selby over-hits a safety. Dott misses. A war of attrition. Dott gives Selby a chance. Selby makes 53 off this. He then, gets in again. Later, it's a re-spotted black. Selby misses it. Dott gets it. From 4-1 down, and one ball, from going 5-1 down, Selby levelled at 4-4. Dott is now, one up with two to play, at 5-4.

Frame ten - Selby pots a good red. He makes a 25 break. Dott makes a plant, He misses the brown, the following shot. Selby makes a fantastic 65 break. He wins the frame. It's 2-all/ It's all on the decider. which starts, just after midnight.

Frame eleven - Both players miss reds. Selby pots the first red. Makes 7 off it. Dott pots a great long red, misses a tough cut-back, on the black. He leaves Selby in. Selby makes a superb 53 break, under great pressure, to put him in the driving seat. Dott plays a good safety. as does Selby. Dott misses a pot on a red. Selby gets a plant, which is frame and match ball. Selby has done it again. He wins, 6-5, at about 12.30 am.

The Defending Masters champion, aginst the world number 1, and the reigning U.K. champion, Mark Slby,is the line-up, for the 2013 Masters final.

I can not wait for it. It should be a cracker.