Despite some naive observations on Twitter about prize money, Trump remains an obvious fans favourite due to his eye-catching style of play. However, it wasn’t very eye-catching at the UK Championship and two fifth placed finishes at the Championship League last week don’t exactly scream a man in form.

Well, the truth is most top players have peaks and troughs in form in these increasingly long seasons and there’s no reason to assume Trump won’t get it all back together soon.

Hawkins is back at the Masters after a six year gap. His Australian Open success was six months ago but he can be a very heavy scorer and now has a title to prove he can mix it with the best.

But I just get the feeling that the Masters is going to see Trump coming back into the groove.



Walden’s results have not been hugely encouraging since his Wuxi Classic triumph earlier in the season. Murphy has been consistent without winning a title, coming up short to Mark Selby in last month’s UK Championship final.

Walden won their match at the UK Championship last season, thus proving that, on his day, he has the measure of the very top players.

Murphy, though, rarely seems to lose early in tournaments, indeed often starts really impressively.

PREDICTION: Murphy 6-3


Natalie said...

Talking about Trump ) I truly hope you have a gift of prediction))) and it won't let you down.. Because what I've seen at CL... it didn't impress.. I'd say more it was scary )

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to watch footage of the '84 semi between White and Stevens. Amazing attacking match between two great friends.
Not many could upstage a 147. White's 119 in the very next frame which included the final pink and black that defied the laws of physics.
Story goes that Donald Sutherland wa in the area a came along to support his countryman. It was the only snooker match he'd ever been to !
Great days.


Anonymous said...

Any news on the Stephen Lee case?


Hi David. I would like to wish Patsy Fagan, a happy 63nd birthday, for today He was born on 15-1-1951. Today is 15-1-2013.


Hi David. Great standard in today's first match. Trump .V. Hawkins.

Great pair of shoes Trump was wearing, at the start of the match. I wonder if he borrowe them from our friend and colleague, my snooker coach, Joe Johnson.

Good start by Hawkins, to lead10. Trump levels at 1-1. Hawkins goes 2-1 up . Trump replies with 99. 2-all, at the mid-session interval. Trump Leads 3-2, winning frme five. Hawkins wins the next three frames in a row, one, with a century, to go two up, with threeto play, and lead, 5-3.

Trump maks a superb 105 break in the ninth. Hawkins, 5-4 up. Frame ten. Trump is in first. Both players have chances. In the end, Trump goes in-off, Hawkins is in, misses a black. Afer a safety duel, Hawkins wins it, but can not capitalise. Trump, unlucky, for the White to drift off-line during this, while playing safe. Hawkins pots a great yellow, superb green, briging over the black, good brown, misses the blue,. Trump, lucky not to go in-off. A good safety, from each player. Then, Hawkins leaves Trump a chance. He pots a great blue, and pink with the rest. Trump wins the frame. It's 5-all. It's all on the decider.

In the eleventh and deciding frame, Hawkins makes a bad break-off. First Chance to Trump. He makes a 107 break from it. Trump is delighted to win. Trump claims a great 6-5 victory. It sets up a Quater-Final, between Judd Trump and Graeme Dott.The tourament favorite is through. Fantastic.

I can not wait for tonight's match, between Shaun Murphy and Ricky Walden.


Hi David. re Trump's great shoes, I meant to say, I wonder if he borrowed them from Joe Johnson.


Hi David. Congatulations to Jimmy White, on getting engaged.


Hi David. Great Murphy .V. Walden match.

Murphy .V. Walden.

Frame 1 - Walden is first in, with 34. Murphy replies, with a winning 79 break, to go 1-0 up.

Frame 2 - Murphy, with a chance in frame 2, missed. Walden missed a black off the spot. Murphy cleared up. Instead of 1-all, Murphy, is 2-0 up.

Frame 3 - Walden responds well, to take this frame. 2-1 to Murphy.

Frame 4 - Murphy is in, misses. Walden, with a chance to level, at 2-all, goes in-off. Murphy, From there, does the needful to tak the frame, and lead, 3-1 at the mid-session interval.

Frame 5 - Story simply told. Walden makes probably one of the worst break-off hots of his life. From there, Muurphy makes a superb total clearance of 130, to lead, 4-1.

Frame 6 - Murphy is first in, with a break in which he frequently loses position. He gives Walden a chance. Walden makess 55 and wins the frame. 4-2 to Murphy.

Frame 7 - Both have chances. Walden wins it 4-3 to Murphy. Walden gaining confidance.

Frame 8 - Murphy getsa plant, over-cuts a tough black, the following shot. Reds all over the table. Walden wins the frame. 4-all. Level with three to play.

Frame 9 -Walden, ahead points-wise, in the frame, lets Murphy in. Murphy makes a battling break of 43. After a safety duel, which Murphy wins, He also wins the frame, to lead 5-4. Murphy is one up with two to play.

Frame 10 - Murphy is first in, from a bad walden safety shot. Murphy pots a great long red. From there, he makes 16, misses a black from it's spot, lucky to block the pocket. Walden pots a tricky red, to a middlepocket. from there, he makes 14. Robbed by a kick. Murphy pots a red to a middle pocket, and makes a 40 plus break, to leave Walden needin a snooker. Walden Lays one. Murphy fails to successfully escape from it. Walden, with a chance to tie the scores in the fame, plays bad position from brown to blue. He misses the blue. Aftera safety duel on the blue, walen plays a bad shot, Sportingly declaired a foul on himself, to leave him needing snooker's. How sporting. Murphy pots the blue. Then, it's all over.

Murphy wins 6-4, to advance to the Quarter-Final.

Great match, and another great day's play, in my view.

I can not wait for more, tomorrow.