Mark Selby gained a small measure of revenge over John Higgins by beating the world champion 5-3 to win an invitation event in Warsaw, Poland today.

Selby, newly installed in the elite top 16 for the new season, was beaten 18-13 by Higgins in their Crucible final last month.

The ‘Jester from Leicester’ defeated the 2006 world champion, Graeme Dott, 5-1 in the semi-finals in Warsaw while Higgins beat veteran Steve Davis 5-3.

The tournament, which was broadcast live on Polish television, also featured four local players.

The sport is hugely popular in Poland after extensive coverage of the major events on Eurosport.

QUARTER-FINALS: John Higgins beat Rafal Jewtuch 4-2; Steve Davis beat Marcin Nitschke 4-2; Graeme Dott beat Jaroslaw Kowalski 4-2; Mark Selby beat Krzysztof Wrobel 4-0
SEMI-FINALS: Higgins beat Davis 5-3; Selby beat Dott 5-1
FINAL: Selby beat Higgins 5-3


Anonymous said...


It is great to see more exposure on the circuit for Snooker. Is there any hope that the broadcasting rights to this tournament will be sold to Eurosport for viewing at a later date.

Also, I do hope you tell me whether it is true, that Eurosport have snapped up the rights to the first tournament of the season. As it has done for the Northern Ireland Trophy in the past two seasons.

Finally, it is good the channel has been showing some Billiard tournaments. Are they planning anymore/live stuff in future?

Thanks, Joe

PS How is Clive doing at the moment?

Dave H said...

Hi Joe

Eurosport will be showing the Shanghai Masters in August and all subsequent major events

As far as I'm aware there will be further recorded coverage of the World 3-cushion billiards series as well as the Euro Tour pool

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear it! They couldn't leave the newest tournament on the block off TV. I hope the opening tournament of the season gets more PR this year. The season's opener hardly gets any press coverage, apart from the Champions Trophy in the past.

Dito the Billiards. It is nice to see it getting some coverage alongside the Pool.

Thanks, Joe