A reminder for those who don't know, you can watch live coverage of the China Open on the Eurosport website.

You can also ask the commentators, in particular former players Joe Johnson and Mike Hallett, questions in the forum.

Ideal if you're at work - just don't let your boss see you!


Anonymous said...


With reference to being able to follow the China Open live through Eurosport's streaming service I was wondering what will your coverage be like for the forthcoming 888.com World Championship?
Last years covearge was really good and extensive from both tables. The backstage reports/interviews by Matthew Syed were good. Will he be part of your team again this year?


Dave H said...

Hi Ryan

The BBC have internet rights to the World Championship. I saw Matthew this morning and he tells me he will be doing interviews once again at the Crucible this year. Pretty much every session will be live.

Tote Snooker Pro said...

The snooker coverage on Eurosport is really beneficial and i've been following the China Open with great interest (fantasti stuff from Marco Fu!). My only complaint is the commentators, who are awful compared to the quality of the BBC. I also seem to remember watching a tournament last year and one of the commentators had a cold or something and was breathing really heavily the whole game; it was like sitting next to Darth Vader was 5 hours!!

Anonymous said...

I must disagree with Tote Snooker Pro, I have been watching snooker on all networks from BBC to ITV via Sky Sports and British Eurosport since the late 1980's and I really enjoy the commentary from David Hendon and Mike Smith and the summaries from Mike Hallett, Joe Johnson and Neal Foulds.
If I have the option of watching the coverage on BBC Interactive or British Eurosport I always choose the latter option. I think the British Eurosport team bring a fresh, fun approach to the commentary which lacks from some of the BBC team.
I think all round British Eurosport does a fantastic job with all the major sporting events it covers from the recent Australian Open Tennis to the exceptional coverage of the Tour De France every July.