They say that those who the gods adore, first they make mad. If this is the case then the gods must really have the hots for Ronnie O’Sullivan.

His slapdash shot selections at the end of his 5-4 defeat to Marco Fu in the China Open this week raised eyebrows but his behaviour at the post match press conference defied belief.

You will probably have read his comments and maybe viewed the video footage. It was, as World Snooker chairman Sir Rodney Walker has said today, unacceptable.

Ronnie was obviously bored by the amount of time the Chinese journalists’ questions and his answers were taking to be translated between languages and amused himself by chatting to a World Snooker official.

At this point, he appeared not to consider he was being filmed and recorded but he must have known, on picking up the microphone and uttering a particularly lewd remark, that this would be picked up.

The blame for all of this lies with Ronnie and Ronnie alone. It’s easy to blame World Snooker officials and say that they should have stopped him but you can’t. He is, and always has been, his own man.

In a previous life, I was myself World Snooker press officer and we had O’Sullivan along to launch a tournament. His behaviour then was similar to how it was in Beijing this week. I aired my misgivings back at base but nothing was done then and very little has been done since.

Also, don’t blame the media for reporting it. There have been instances where Ronnie has said other outrageous things in press conferences and they have gone unreported.

However, in this case his comments were not only filmed but posted on the internet. They went around the web yesterday like a runaway train, impossible to stop.

It’s easy, of course, for newspapers to take the moral high ground. Although many people would have been offended by the footage, just as many will have found it hilarious.

However, Ronnie hasn’t done himself any favours and my advice to him now is very simple: issue an immediate apology and draw a line under the whole thing.

Nobody wants to drive Ronnie out of snooker but this has not been his finest hour and he will have to face up to whatever the consequences are.


Anonymous said...

u people are stupid.
U think Ronnie is Britney Spears or something .
Leave Ronnie alone :)))
WSA should amend him even when he farts :)) , i bet Ronnie can't sleep cose his to worry about this :))

Anonymous said...

Anyone else would have been severely reprimanded if they had behaved like O'Sullivan has over such a long period of time. World Snooker are spineless cowards, unwilling to censor their prize asset, while all too willingly jumping on the likes of Dott, whose transgression is tiny, compared to the behavior of O'Sullivan, who uses his depression as a feeble excuse. Plenty of people suffer from it and dont go around making an a*** of themselves at the same tim

CJW said...

Of course he should apologise, but, Dave, I didn't know about that quote at the beginning of your article. I know there is a Latin quote that goes like this: Quos vult perdere dementat which means that those whom (God) wishes to destroy he drives mad. :) Sounds different, doesn't it...


Anonymous said...


Leave him alone.

Ronnie will be Ronnie!

Has nobody in World Snooker got a sense of humour all are they all a bunch of boring old creeps up Rodney's backside (ie Frank Baker and Mike Ganley)!

Anonymous said...

"Has nobody in World Snooker got a sense of humour"

There is somebody. Some people have already found out who's the guy sitting next to Ronnie and laughing - WSA press officer.

Anonymous said...

What people do in their private lives is their choice. When at work - as Ronnie was at the press conference- they are expected to behave in a professional manner. This is the case for professional sports people who are considered to be role models. Certain standards such as good manners need to be upheld.

Dave H said...

I reiterate what I've already said. Ronnie was clearly out of order and should apologise.

World Snooker should review the footage and assess any possible punishment.

Nobody but Ronnie himself should be blamed for what happened. Had the press officer intervened it could well have degenerated into something much worse.

JIMO96 said...

Kick him out. It defies belief that people still stick up for him. He could murder a fellow pro, and get off with a fine at this rate. Thanks for setting the development of international snooker back 20 years Ronnie, you immature juvenile.

Anonymous said...

kick him out and people will die .
u fking old boring creeps , u should thank God for watching a master like him .
Wot do u want? robots who take 2 minutes for a shot and after the game tell the same old boring craps. Do u want to transform the snooker in math? fk math :))

shut up and enjoy his "mike"

Anonymous said...

It's sad that anyone would defend Ronnie's actions.After all they were the actions of a degenerate.
The press officer should be dismissed immediately and Ronnie should be banned for,at least,the world championships.
I realise this is a big step because Ronnie is the best player in the world and certainly the most attractive to watch.
However this is 2008 and not 1978.Ronnie is a professional and not some giggling 12 year old.
Shame on him and all those who try to defend this latest incident.

Anonymous said...

Jimo96, I totally agree with you 110%,

David, I think Ronnie needs much, much more of an apology, I want him driven out of the game, I've seen the video, and have had time to calm down, otherwise it would not be wise to post my opinion.

I cannot believe it and I do not know what to say other than Ronnie, Quit the Game, Yes that's right my friends.

From Anonymous

Dana said...

I have to agree, Ronnie should apologize. And quickly and honestly. But on the other hand he is called entertainer or not? :-DD no, I'm just kidding, of course. but the press officer could stop him and not to laugh together with him.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm a die-hard fan of Ronnie's game, and now I'm very ashamed because of his behaviour. I used to defend him on various forums, but this simply cannot be defended. I understand that he was bored but (i) nobody compels him to be a professional, and participating in press conferences is part of a professionals' job; (ii) he probably was quite happy to receive 500 grands in two years from his China contract. I think it's a shame and nothing but shame. He is a kind of idol in snooker for me and now I feel embarassed and hurt. Fortunately for him, he is big enough box office attraction to be simply banished from the circuit.

Regards, Gabriel

Anonymous said...

Is it mere coincidence that the posters condoning his behaviour are the only ones incapable of constructing a sentence (let alone an argument) that comes within seventy two square feet of grammar, non-text speak and a brain?