Yes, it's a rubbish pun but the fact remains that there is a wealth of great archive stuff on Youtube.

Various folk have been recording snooker off the TV for decades and are now sharing some pure spun gold with the rest of us.

I shall post a few interesting links here from time to time.

We start in 1979 with a century break by Fred Davis. OK, the pockets were slightly more generous then than they are now but Fred was 65 when he made this break and it is, as you'll see, immaculate as befitting this great gentleman of our sport.

Also, the referee is something to behold, dressed in a bright yellow blazer and wearing a big old rosette as if he'd won best in show at Crufts.

Watch right to the end and you'll see him applauding Fred's century.

To be fair, it was a great effort.

Watch it here.


Anonymous said...

A geeat vintage Snooker video.

Rest in Peace Fred.

Anonymous said...

geeat, sorry in meant great.