Stephen Maguire has just become the first player to make a 147 in a ranking event in China.

Maguire, who at the 2000 Scottish Open became the youngest ever player to compile a maximum at 19, made the perfect run in frame two of his China Open semi-final against Ryan Day. James Wattana knocked in a 147 in an invitation event in China in 1997.

Watch it here.


RobG Ireland said...

I dont believe it!
I've got up early on a Saturday morning to watch the live semi final snooker on eurosport and they're not showing it even though they've shown it all week.... and then while searching for some other way of watching it I find this blog which just tells me I'm after missing a LIVE 147 because they're not showing it!!!!! Aaaarrrghh! This day better get better/

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have shown it during the mid-session interval between Day and Maguire. They started to show it after about 4 reds, 4 blacks.

Good commentary on Eurosport David, I enjoyed listening.

Thanks, and well done Maguire.

Anonymous said...


Great break by Stephen Maguire and a great match, what a final frame!

I have been travelling cross country following snooker since I went to Redwood Lodge, Bristol in 1989 for the last staging of the English Professional Championship won by your Eurosport colleague Mike Hallett and while I have seen all the greats such as Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Jimmy White, John Higgins over these 19 years to future greats like Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy it was only yesterday evening at an exhibition at Keynsham Snooker Centre featuring Bristols' own Judd Trump I finally witnessed my first 'live' maximum beak of 147.
I appreciate it isn't a major ranking event at a massive venue but, it was awesome to watch and something I won't forget!


andy said...

The Eurosport thing is a strange one. I don't fully understand it myself, maybe Dave can explain. Through Sky's two Eurosport channels, the second session of the final was not shown live, only the highlights were shown at 7.15pm in the evening.

But I live in Switzerland and have Eurosport coming through on a terrestrial feed as well, and on that channel, the second session of the final was shown live.

Turned out to be an excellent final, ...who needs Ronnie! :o)


Dave H said...

There are different versions of Eurosport.

Eurosport International showed nthe final live. British Eurosport didn't because there was so much other sport to show.

However, every ball of the final was live on the Eurosport website, so anyone could have watched it wherever they were.

andy said...

That's just my point, there seems to be two international versions of Eurosport as well as the UK version.

For the 2 international versions, there seems to be the one that's broadcasted in the UK (along with the UK one), and one that's broadcasted in mainland Europe.

It's my bet that nobody in the UK was able to watch the second session of the final, live at 3.10pm, through Sky TV. They would have found cycling instead, which is a bit scandalous really.


Dave H said...

But they could have watched it on the net