As it is now eight minutes past 5pm on Friday evening I think it's safe to say World Snooker has failed to keep the promise of its chairman, Sir Rodney Walker, to announce a new event in the Middle East this week.

There may well be very good reasons why this has not been announced but I know many readers of this blog will reflect that a promise is a promise and should be kept.

At the very least World Snooker should have said why they would not, after all, be announcing the tournament this week.

Let us hope this event - which would be good news for snooker - is actually a done deal and will be announced soon.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this topic but do you know why Parrott is not included in the Shangai Masters draw?
It's the same on GSC and WorldSnooker.com:


Anonymous said...

Dave, what about the tournament Malta and Pot Black?

Dave H said...

Stephen - John has a charity engagement on the day of his first match and has decided to honour it

Anon - Very good chance Malta will be a ranking event this season. Pot Black appears to have gone from the schedule, though.

Anonymous said...

Shame about Pot Black. I think it's been good for the last three years. Snookers version of the Community Shield as an introduction to BBC's new season. Shame.

thesnookerexpert said...

In my opinion, there was no doubt that this was going to happen - World Snooker not announcing any tournament...

bearbruno said...

found on the world snooker website:

in Bahrain :o

Anonymous said...

Indeed, they must be reading this blog at WPBSA. Dave complained, and, again, behold!

Anyway, it is a nice way to end 2008: five months with five ranking events.