Snooker Scene has been published every month since January 1971 (although it was originally called World Snooker).

The magazine has, every year, documented the game on and off table and provides a living history of professional and amateur snooker and billiards.

We recognise that many readers of this blog have never even seen it so, in a fit of generosity, are giving away year-long subscriptions to the magazine for three lucky people.

To stand a chance of winning, you need to correctly answer the three following questions:

1) Who was the first player to win the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield?
2) Who was the opponent when Stephen Hendry made a record seven centuries in a UK Championship final?
3) How many ranking tournaments has Ronnie O'Sullivan won in this decade (2000-2008)?

DO NOT post your answers below. Email them to snookersceneblog@aol.com.

The closing date is August 19.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I know the answers - but I already have a (payed) subscription. ;-)

cheers, Eric

andy said...

Is the competition open globally? ie., will you set an example to the WPBSA and post abroad? ;o)

Oooh, saucer of milk my way please!


Dave H said...

Yes, it's open to anyone in this world or any other

dannyd0g said...

i want a smelly sock instead

andy said...

By the way, have to say, it's a pleasure to see a decent competition for a change where the questions are tricky and one has to work to find the answers!! None of this lottery, fleece your audience rubbish!!