Ronnie O’Sullivan has entered the controversy over players’ logos – by telling his fellow cuemen to stop complaining.

In an interview in the Daily Express, O’Sullivan, who won his third world title last May, said his fellow players should concentrate on what they earn on the table.

He said: “I would much rather the emphasis be on making your money by winning tournaments.

“Sport is about competing and winning. It’s not about how many logos you’ve got. Prize money and earnings should always reflect the person that achieves.

“It’s not a confident way of looking at things to rely too much on other things and a dangerous place to get. It is how it is, go win tournaments and get to the top, there’s plenty of money up there.

“You only have real control over certain things and I know I’m in complete control over the snooker. No one can interfere.

“The politics can get to the other players. Maybe they are not enjoying their snooker so they find something else to think about, sitting about the breakfast table talking about logos, TV contracts and what World Snooker are or aren’t talking about.”

These are very interesting comments. I suspect they won’t go down well with many of Ronnie’s fellow players who would point out that, unlike him, they are not multi-millionaires. His own logo deals are worth more than any other player.

However, the reason for this is because of how many titles he has won. On the table, he has pocketed £5,807,626 and such success has obviously caught the eye of sponsors who want him to wear their logo.

I agree with him that sportsmen and women should be rewarded for being successful.

At the World Championship, O’Sullivan said the following: “I don’t think World Snooker make matters easy for themselves because they don’t listen to what the players say. It doesn’t seem to make any difference what we think. They are making life difficult for themselves with the way they are handling situations.”

This suggests he had himself been ‘thinking about what World Snooker are or aren’t doing.’

However, it is unfair in a way to point this out.


Because one thing Ronnie is as a person is genuine. If he says something he believes it, it’s just that it may be the exact opposite of what he said the previous month, week or even day.

He would have meant it then too, but he has the sort of personality where his attitude is governed by his mood on any given day.

He could very easily contradict himself again next week. This is one of the things that make him so fascinating.

I’d imagine World Snooker would welcome his intervention, although the logo issue will not be a problem in any case at the Crucible in 2009 if a new sponsor can’t be found for the World Championship.


Anonymous said...

Once again an excellent blog. I'm sure most of the fellow professionals know the character of O'Sullivan well enough to take these comments with a pinch of salt. He wears his heart on his sleeve and although it gets him into trouble occasionally we wouldn't have him any other way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for the Q&A on the last posting.

With regards O'Sullivan, he is a contridiction in terms (which has been said thrice, thrice and thrice again), and after the last year-and-a-half it really doesn't matter what he say's about most things; the WSA are up to their eyes in it, to even look at the press.

But the only thing that is revealing and, I believe true and always will be, is the fact he will not stop playing the game until Ronald SNR is released. And that is one statement that he will not go back on.

By the way, when O'Sullivan went to the displinary hearing for hitting Ganley JNR over the World Championships in 1996, it was on a Monday and he didn't come out until Tuesday morning for the Higgins quarter-final. Is it true that his fine would be, somewhat, reduced if he allegedly played and won frames against Rex Williams?

As for another Williams, Mark J, its such a shame to see his form dip the way it has, and can only hope his star rises again. And, like you said before, the final qualifying stages now have a phalanx of world class player's at its disposal.

But I do believe he fell away after 2003 and, if the ranking's were not done on a two-year list, I feel he may have fallen out of the top 16 long ago. By the way, when he was promoting the Welsh Open a few season's back, he went on record and said - paraphrase - that he didn't care if he never won another tournament again, but would settle for one more World Championship. Do you think, with many of his quotes this was tongue-in-cheek, or was he telling the truth. I think the latter.

Though, Mark Selby has come out with something similar hasn't he?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Ronnie is or course unpredictable but some of what he is saying this time is very true.
We know the game is struggling but the players have been obsessed with the various board members which have been involved in the game for a long time now.
In fact have the players ever been happy with the personnel who run the sport?
In 15 years following the game I have never seen anything which says so, and now the costs are there for all to see.
Sponsors are walking away for various reasons yet the us and them mentality in snooker continues as players do indeed gather around the breakfast tables saying a lot but doing nothing.
There of course, are a few exceptions who promote the game admirably.
As this blog points out, Ronnie says one thing today and another tomorrow but the players need to be responsible for their own actions.
Snooker is a members game and the voters have invariably recruited the officialdom who they now have no respect for or have faith in.
This has always happened in the game as I understand it.

Anonymous said...

Well said Ronnie.

Good luck for the seaqson ahead.

You are the best!