David Vine, for a generation the face of the BBC's snooker coverage, has died at the age of 73.

Vine was the main presenter of the World Championship from 1978 to 2000. He also presented many other sports programmes for the BBC, including Ski Sunday, Grandstand and Wimbledon.

He was the first presenter of A Question of Sport, the BBC's long running sports quiz.

I always found him to be a great professional who brought authority to the role. He presided over many of the great moments of the snooker boom and will forever be associated with them.


Anonymous said...

RIP David.

I'll always remember him as the man who literally introduced me to snooker when watching the BBC in the late 80s from Holland. Great professional indeed, sadly missed ever since retiring.


Matt@PSB said...

Sad news, like you say he will forever be associated with some of snooker's finest moments and people like myself grew up with him anchoring the sport.

Anonymous said...

A great presenter who made everyone he interviewed at ease immediately.

I just read about this on the Independent website and they didn't even mention his 22 years presenting snooker. Shocking journalism.

Mat Wilson

Anonymous said...

Really sad news. Although sports broadcasting has changed in recent years - some of it for the better, some worse - David Vine will be sadly missed.

One of the all time greats, particularly with regard to snooker.

Anonymous said...

Sad news indeed. Mat, it's possible the Independent took the initial PA copy which was not done by their sports staff and didn't mention snooker. I think the later editions will give full recognition of David Vine's contribution to the sport. Would be nice to hear what some of the players have to say too.

John Carty said...

He was a true professional and a gentleman. I didn't know him well, but spent many hours hanging about with him in his studio backstage at the Crucible. In answer to the usual question about TV stars, "What's he really like?"
I can only say he was a friendly and interesting man, as genuine as any you could meet.

stuartfanning said...

Yes his anchoring of BBC's Snooker coverage has never been matched since. The same can be said of their commentary team during his tenure. He was interviewed last in The Guardian piece on Clive Everton's demotion at the BBC. Naturally David Vine deplored it.



R.I.P DAVID VINE. Sadly missed. Fondly remembered. Thanks for the memories. All great ones.