The John Higgins v Ding Junhui quarter-final at the Wembley Masters last night was about as good as snooker gets. It was a pleasure to commentate on.

Higgins proved what a great champion he is by shrugging off the loss of the eighth frame after missing the black.

He is playing his best snooker since winning the 2007 World Championship. That makes him very difficult to bet against as the Masters enters its final phase.


Matt@PSB said...

Late night Dave? :D

It was encouraging though, during the rest of the season he seems to have been grinding results out without being as fluent as he can be, but tonight he was excellent in all departments.

Let's get the boys on the baize! Yaaay! Woohoo! said...

Oooh, late night blogging. That's great for insomniacs like me, especially seeing as I've recently become addicted to your site. I have big exams soon, so will have to force myself to stay away. My internet has gone down, but that hasn't stopped me. I'm using my mobile now. Am I sad? Yes, probably.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask was when are you next commentating on eurosport? I've always wondered what your voice sounded like. I've watched some matches on eurosport but have never happened hear any commentator use names, so I don't know if it's you or not.

Agree, quality match. Thanks for reminding me it was on. I'd seen a couple of frames then buggered off to the loo and forgot. There's been a lot of good play this week, hopefully the high standard can be maintained.

Let's get the boys on the baize! Yaaay! Woohoo! said...

PSB guy, I accidentally found your website a few days ago when googling something about Clive Everton. I forgot about it though. I saw your username here a few times today and thought it was familiar, although I thought it was the name of a Russian football team or something (think I got confused with SPB). Anyway I clicked on your name and realised it was the site I'd been on a couple of days ago. Looks good. I'll be visiting it more after my exams.

Matt@PSB said...

Dave was commentating on the Higgins match tonight alongside Joe Johnson if you had that on.

I always find it quite amusing listening to Dave on the TV because having read this blog for a good couple of years now I guess I feel quite familiar with his views and his style, so some of the things he says on TV are inevitably very similar.

Matt@PSB said...

Cheers for the comment, good luck in your exams, what are they out of interest?

Let's get the boys on the baize! Yaaay! Woohoo! said...

Thanks. They're medical final exams, if I pass them then I'm a doctor. Only a handful of days to go now, have a them early next week. You probably would want to get treatment from someone else though, especially after reading some of my odd comments here, and perhaps it is me who needs the treatment. My excuse is that I'm ill with bird flu. I have been resting all day watching snooker. Need to start revising tomorrow, have to compress 5 years worth of knowledge into 3 days!

I don't know what Joe Johnson sounds like, but I guess I could figure out who he is and who Dave is if I pay attention next time I watch.

Matt@PSB said...

Ouch, rather you than me then! I've done the whole legal route and finished the Legal Practice Course last year so have some sort of idea of how it is. I think it's important to have some sort of distraction to keep you sane though and snooker is as good as any I say.

If Dave doesn't reply before tomorrow then if I remember I'll post in here who is commentating on each match on Eurosport. Generally speaking Dave will be the one reeling off stats and being the 'lead' commentator who introduces the programme and stuff, while whoever is with him will be the ex-player expert.

Let's get the boys on the baize! Yaaay! Woohoo! said...

By the way, when I first stumbled upon this website, I thought the H stood for Harold. Initially, I was a little suprised, as Dave Harold didn't seem the type to keep up a blog like this. But then I read the bit on the side that mentioned the commentating thing.

By the way, a little bit of constructive feedback here. I wonder if the archives and links you have at the bottom of the page should be moved to the top, below where it says a bit about you and the website. Many people will be regular readers, so would never scroll all the way down, and even if someone had not read the entire first page, they may not make it all the way to the bottom due to the long distance to travel. Also, it's much easier for the few people like me, who use mobile phones and the like, to access those links. Currently I'd have to hold the down key and wait a minute for my phone to scroll to the bottom. Not sure how easy it would be for you to move that bit up, but it's just a thought. I'd never seen that section until today when I accidentally discovered it. Read the article about that american band that started to watch snooker. Hilarious stuff in their blog.

Let's get the boys on the baize! Yaaay! Woohoo! said...

Ok, thanks Matt. I'll try to keep an eye out in between studies.

Agree, snooker is a good distraction. Perhaps too good though, don't know if I should be watching on sunday or studying for the following day! It's always on before exams as well!

Matt@PSB said...

Tell me about it, I had an exam in 2005 on my Law degree back home in Hull on the day after the World final so I watched Stevens and Murphy live at the Crucible in Sheffield til 11pm, got a train back here which arrived in Hull gone midnight and then was up for my exam which started at 9:30am the next day :D

Every single year I end up fitting my annual pilgrimage around exams, but it never did me any harm because I knew that I was going to be in Sheffield, so made damn sure that all my notes were prepared well in advance so I could read them on the train. It worked anyway!

Regarding Dave's blog it's a funny one, that archive used to be at the top until a couple of months ago and then it moved. Not sure whether that was a theme change which was beyond his control though, I know I'm sometimes affected by those.

Anonymous said...

Selby does not fear Higgins and he's got a far better safety game than Ding. I'm going for Selby 6-4.

Anonymous said...

Higgins to win by 2