Lee Spick was beaten 5-4 by Stephen Craigie in the first qualifying round of the China Open today but this was some effort by the Mansfield man bearing in mind he was on crutches.

Spick broke his ankle just before Christmas but was obviously determined to give his best at Pontin's, Prestatyn.

I once saw Darren Morgan do exactly this after he suffered a car accident.

And, most famously, Alex Higgins hopped around the table at the 1989 European and British Opens after breaking his ankle.


jamie said...

Hi Dave where can we get latest qualifying scores from other than World snooker website?

CUPC said...

Here jamie - http://www.globalsnookercentre.co.uk/files/Results/2008-9/Professional/2008-china-open-draw.htm

No better resource for snooker info than GSC.

Dave H said...

I endorse this comment: GSC is the best resource for results and information

Janie said...


We are live at the qualifying venues so are always well placed to keep everyone up to date.

And it's totally untrue that we pull the plug on wsa live scoring when they're not looking.

They're quite capable of breaking it by themselves!

I couldn't believe my eyes early this morning when I saw Spicky come in on crutches - oh what have you done!!

It was a very long match for him, he had the plaster off yesterday, a week early, and the first frame last 45 minutes!

He showed me the swelling round his foot and ankle after the match and I think it was a very brave effort to turn up and play, and maybe it was only the pain and lack of practice that cost him the match in the end.

Pete Williamson, one of our leading referees, was also limping today, after coming a cropper on the snow on Monday.

Scott MacKenzie was also very grateful to get a walkover today as he spent half the morning at a local physio in Prestatyn, having woken up with a stiff neck, and he couldn't get his head down on his cue to practice. Hopefully he'll be loose for his round 2 match.

i met shaun murphy said...

i havent heard of there players. Probably low class players. I met shaun murphy once and he was quite arrogant as he didnt really look as if he wanted to talk to me. His mother told me he was always like that. Incase your wondering i met his mum because i went to his house where his mother lives as he has split up with his wife. He has a very heavy cue action and a great concentrating face. Very handsome lad i have to say even though im straight. I think he is one of my favourites definately.

Anonymous said...

Well done Parrott for qualiying for the China Open. It's been a good few years since he last qualified for an event in Asia.

andy lomax said...

can you answer a query a player picks the white up after a foul that was not in off is the white replaced or from d cheers andy