So it’s a repeat of last year’s Pokerstars.com Masters final and another interesting clash of styles and personalities as Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Selby go toe-to-toe once again.

Last year, O’Sullivan dug deep to win 10-8. He played so well even he was happy.

He’s played superbly at times this year while Selby has been rock solid. The Leicester man is appearing in his third final in as many Wembley Arena appearances.

Ronnie can today become the first player to win the masters title in three different decades. It’s remarkable to think he first captured the title 15 years ago and was still favourite before a ball was potted this year.

Selby has the right mix of attack and defence to frustrate a misfiring Rocket but also far ore even tempered.

Put simply, he enjoys his snooker and his life and nothing much phases him.

Such characteristics will certainly be a help today but it ultimately comes down to who plays the best.

If O’Sullivan can produce his A game, he will win. If not, it could be another close battle.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie will win this easily. Let's see if Selby does his usual gamesmanship when things are close. The ref should have a word with him about it.

Greg said...

This is a great rematch of a classic match between two popular players, why did the BBC think it was a good idea to introduce it with that stupid weepy piano music that they seemingly use for every video package? How's that supposed to get people excited?

I just... I'm almost speechless.

Anonymous said...

Gamesmanship from Selby? He must have learnt it from Ronnie - conceding frames early can really be offputting to opponents. Let's just hope for a great match.

Matt said...

Absolutely phenomenal from Selby. Didn't think that he had that in him if truth be told.

Greg said...

This is the moments that make snooker amazing. Mark you're a *bleep*ing legend!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie lost it rather than Selby winning it. The left handed fine cut on the green in the 18th frame of a big TV event with £150,000 at stake was suicidal.

Anonymous said...

And Ronnie's attitude when being interviewed by Parrott was just typical from such a bad loser !!!!

Greg said...

Yes that's right, he almost threw it away. But if he'd tried it to the other corner pocket, that wasn't guaranteed either. So, you can't just dismiss Mark's gritty comeback because of that one shot. Selby deserves the plaudits. What a brilliant match!