There was agony for Jimmy White today when he lost 5-4 on a re-spotted black to Ian McCulloch having led 4-0 in their third qualifying round clash in the Welsh Open.

Unlike at Wembley, there was now showbiz atmosphere in chilly Prestatyn but White's army of supporters - many of them glued to live scoring - must have been cheered when they saw their man open a 4-0 lead.

But McCulloch fought his way back into contention and set up a nervy decider in which both players had chances before White sank the black to force a re-spot.

But it was McCulloch who potted the extra black to consign White to a disappointing defeat.

He leaves Pontin's having won one match yesterday but still not guaranteed his main tour place for next season, having come into the event 62nd in the provisional rankings.


Anonymous said...

Well done Ian.
No worries Hearn will give permanent wild card for White.He will play on the main tour until he want to.

Anonymous said...

White is becoming an embarassment to snooker. The sooner he's off the tour the better for everyone IMO.

Greg said...

How can White be an embarrassment if he's on TV less often than a panel show that doesn't feature Charlie Brooker or David Mitchell?

Mal said...

The last comment is ridiculous - why is he an embarrassment - He is still in line to keep his top 64 place and he was not expectedc to beat Ian McCulloch. To lead 4-0 and lose 5-4 losing two on the black is obviously disappointing, but he started the match well and if he had more confidence, I'm sure he would have finished it.

Anonymous said...

An embarressment to Snooker? He's the most popular player ever and has been on the main tour for 30 years. I take it you are jealous and envious of his popularity, or you are just thick.

Anonymous said...

I'm just tic :@

Anonymous said...

well done McCulloch 8)

Sammy said...

Jimmy white will be dead but Hearn will still give a wildcard to his coffin.
I'm sure he's pretty safe

Janie Watkins said...

I think people are making assumptions about this match, when they didn't actually see it.

1. Jimmy didn't bottle it.
2. Give some credit to Ian for his fightback.

We've seen a few fightbacks this week from 4-0 down, or 4-1 down.

It was a gutting result for Jimmy but he played well up here this week and scored quite heavily in the balls, hit the ball very well.
It was just one of those one off matches which turns around.

Claus Christensen said...

Well done Ian, bad luck Jimmy.

That's what Jan Verhaas would have concluded anyway..

But I have a soft spot for Jimmy and would have liked him to have bagged this.