For a sport apparently in trouble, there seems to be an awful lot of snooker being played.

After the Masters it's groups 3 and 4 of the Championship League this week as well as the Welsh Open qualifiers before the final stages next week.

Judd Trump was the star of yesterday's CLS. He won all four of his matches and is guaranteed a play-off spot.

"I'd better win this group," he said, mindful that he's due in Prestatyn on Friday for his final qualifying round match in the Welsh.

Stephen Hendry has come into group 3 but had a frustrating first day, losing all three of his matches 3-2.

He and Ali Carter look set for relegation unless they turn things round today.


Anonymous said...


How's the sport in trouble? We've just had a very successful Masters and can now look forward to potential events in Europe.

You should be concentrating on the positives; this negativity does nothing for the sport.

Dave H said...

I said 'apparently in trouble' meaning that's how it's perceived by others

This blog is nothing but positive about snooker

Sparky said...

There's a lot of snooker being played, but not ALL snooker that was supposed to be played!

Whatever happend to Pro Challenge 4 that was to be held January 4 through 6? Worldsnooker has info about Pro Challenge 1, 2, 3 and 5, 6, 7, but PC4 seems to have disappeared?

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave.
How are you lad, and to the million’s of Dave-Den blogs! Snooker is a beautiful game and will never be otherwise. A snooker match has been hailed as great, but the game is still dieing.

Snooker has really nothing to do with professional sport. The “Sport Part” is only an intrusion and has never entertained (commercially) except in the early days and the novelty of Pot Black.

Professional snooker has had a few sponsors, but not enough to keep the few top ranked players happy and “Well Off” like any poor millionaire should be.
The Tobacco companies did not only sponsored the players it also “Subsidised” the professional game since the first Benson and Hedges. or the first tobacco advert.

Professional snooker should get a “Hand Out” from all businesses ancillary to snooker. Especially the “Coaching Industry” which could “Subsidise” a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter "Snooker Open" each year. Mr hey you

Eric said...

Dave, has 110sport.tv stopped streaming the qualifiers again? Thought the problems with IMG prior to the UK Championship qualifiers in November had been sorted out but there is no Welsh Open on today.

Janie Watkins said...

Hey - Mr Hey You - Cast your mind back a tad further... Long before the Golden packets of B&H came into snooker - there was the Park Drive events among other early tobacco sponsored events.

Pro Challenge event 5 is confirmed to be at George Scott's SC in Liverpool - very handy for international fans who can get cheap flights into John Lennon Airport which is only 8 miles from the venue.
Good venue too, They used to host the very popular North West pro am there, run by Pete Williamson.

and again to Mr Hey you. One new "academy", coaching centre of whatever we want to call it, has put its hands in its pockets to not only build a brand new practice and tournament venue from the ground up, but has also organised the brand new Pink Ribbon pro am - a chance for every club player to take part in local qualifiers with a chance to get through to play the pros at the new venue... That is the new South West Academy in Gloucester, set to open in March.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Janie Watkins, (With your permission Dave)
I don’t doubt you are grand lass. You either love snooker a lot Janie or are obsessed with working in the game or possible both.

A word of advice Janie! People only tell you what they want you to know, therefore your snooker “Know How” and politics is never to be questioned. The “Fine Art” snooker method is poorer without a knowledgeable Janie.

Once again lass the beautiful game will never die! But the professional side of the game is dull with a sameness that sadly is often successful. The game is wonderful Janie to us addicts but does not
Entertain (commercially) to the general public.

The BBC TV would probable bale out Janie if the Eurosport people didn’t help out. All television channels would prefer a Barry Hearn Premier League style of snooker, just the top players, with a sprinkling of non British players on show.

That (BH) style of snooker is the most commercial to sponsors but would probable die quickly without the snooker apprentices created from earlier tournaments. Janie! The “Fine Art” is on your side, but with that magic word “Transparency”. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

Dave - when are you going to investigate the Fine Art coaching method?