The quarter-finals of the 12bet.com World Open feature seven ranking event winners, three more than at the Shanghai Masters.

The quarter-finalists in this 'lottery' tournament have previously appeared in the last eight of a ranking event 235 times. It's a field brimming with quality and should be a cracking weekend.

The one unfamiliar face is Martin Gould but he has fully earned his place after a typically all guns blazing performance last night, taking the game to Stephen Lee.

Gould should play the same way against Peter Ebdon rather than allow the 2002 world champion to dictate the pace and style of match.

Ebdon hasn't played particularly well yet but has relied on his legendary fighting qualities. Even they may not be enough if Gould finds his range, although he will need to keep the nerves at bay.

First up is Ding Junhui v Mark Williams, a repeat of last season's China Open final in which Williams reminded everyone just why he was such a dominant world no.1.

Tonight it's Ronnie O'Sullivan against Stephen Maguire, who needs to keep a lid on his frustration if things start to go wrong.

This is a huge night for Maguire. He knows that someone in his position in the rankings needs to be beating the top players with greater regularity.

There would be no better scalp than O'Sullivan in Maguire's home city of Glasgow.

Ronnie joked that it was 'all downhill from here' after the 147 and victories over Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry.

But there is sure to be a great atmosphere this evening when he tackles the local man.

I thought Neil Robertson was superb under pressure last night in repelling the challenge of Andrew Higginson.

In the third frame he produced a world champion's clearance and potted several pressure balls after that to earn his quarter-final place.

Ricky Walden also played well against Jamie Cope, but Robertson's safety game is better than Cope's and this could be a decisive factor.

Crowds have picked up at the SECC as the week has gone on and I sense that the World Open has been a popular addition to the calendar.

Let's hope it's a grandstand finish this weekend.


Anonymous said...

and 5 out of the 8 is not only in the official top 8 but also provisionally top 8 seeds for the UK.

So the fears of many including me has not manifested itself.

however there could still be shocks with Gould making his Q/F Debut. he could win best of 5s semi against anyone where Maybe nerves would kick in more over 11 Frames and Ebdon playing really really bad could hit the traps early and reach a final.

i doubt, in fact know over 9 frames Ebdon playing like he has this week would not have made it this far.

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued and hope that you Dave or fellow bloggers can answer a couple of questions for me.
Does anyone know why Martin Gould sights the ball over the top of his glasses rather than through the lenses?
Why does Andrew Higginson get so much chalk up the shaft of the cue?Ebdon is similar but not too such a great extent. Is the answer simply that they use a huge amount of chalk compared to other players? In Andrew's case it even looks sometimes as if he is not playing with a ferrule on the cue - so dense is the chalk coverage.

Anonymous said...

looks like the cream rises to the top regardless of format.

just enjoying the ding williams match now. ding has won the first frame. you know what that means? lol

Betty Logan said...

The crowds have looked decent the last few days whereas the arena looked lifeless at the start of the week. I'm sure it's no coincidence that the crowds picked up after Ronnie threw his almighty strop and racked up some serious news coverage. The man ignited the event and may have just saved its slot on the calender and the BBC. Ronnie and the world champ may well go out this evening, but the final day of the tournament should be able to sustain itself.

Anonymous said...

i think some of the commentators read this blog

jamie brannon said...

I think this event and the format should be kept for one ranking event, but before the event Dave, you seemed to agree with Hendry, that the format was too short, has the action changed your opinion?

I think I would have put myself in the Hendry/Hendon camp beforehand, but I have been won round now. However, I do worry if we 'big up' this format too much, snooker bosses will get too many ideas and go in for overkill.

I still believe in a shot-clock ranking event.

My tips are Maguire and Robbo.

kildare cueman said...

Funnily enough, I think the shorter matches suit the top players better.

The reason they are the top players is because they can play to a high standard under pressure.

There are players, who are just as good as them, if not better, lower down the ranks but who just cannot cut the mustard in front of the tv and crowds.

These underdogs have a chance of causing an upset by stringing a run of good breaks together, usually before struggling to get over the line.

In many cases of the underdog causing an upset, they have a large lead before they have to pass the post and need chance after chance to win.

With the world open format, the line comes pretty quick, and unlike being 9-2 up at the crucible, you have to cross it pretty quick as you probably won't get too many chances.

The pressure is intensified, and if you are a nervy player, the world open is not for you.

Anonymous said...


Neil Goulding, or whatever his name is...

writes World number 1 when referring to Ronnie

what a complete JOKE OF A MAN HE IS

Redandblackblog said...

This format must be kept, it's great for the tv audience and I think the majority of players have enjoyed it. It will be very interesting to see if BBC make a u-turn over scrapping the fourth tournament now otherwise Sky might be tempted to step in.

Anonymous said...

They all read the blog

Dave H said...

Jamie, I was all for the World Open

The only sticking point was whether so many ranking points should have been given to the event, but it's been a welcome addition to the calendar and I hope it stays

Greg P said...

Ebdon's playing well. He pulled off a great long distance pot on a respotted black in his quarter-final. The white was tight under the top cushion.

Ebdon-O'Sullivan final? I would like to see that, nothing better than a match between two guys who can't stand each other, and they're both on good form. Let's see what the draw throws up.

Ali said...

Battle of the remote control tonight.

My mum= Strictly come dancing
Sister= X Factor
Me= World open snooker.

So what do you think, guys? Think I have a shot?
Yeh, me neither. *sad*

Betty Logan said...

The perfect finish to the tournament would be a semi between Ronnie and the world champ, and then a final between Ronnie and Williams, two of the all-time greats squaring up. Ebdon as usual ruining the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Dave, the rumour at the venue behind the scenes is that it is going to China next year.

Anonymous said...


you are wrong!
i know 2 who do not.

(one of the 2 may have been shown one or two blogs from time to time from someones phone, but they dont read them as "routine")

Ray said...

Re. 1.11pm
Martin Gould says he wears glasses because of a weak eye - if he doesn't wear them he gets terrible headaches. He sights out of his right eye and 30% of the time he looks thru the lenses and 70% he looks over the top.
As for the excessive chalk used by A Higginson I know nothing!

Anonymous said...

I hope Maguire/O'Sullivan give Ebdon the semi final pasting his poor form has been asking for
Does anyone know if the BBC has given Hearn any indication as to whether or not they want to keep the event? If not, this event would be perfect for Sky.
Any word on Hearn's attempts to revive the dubai/bahrain event or the World Cup?


Anonymous said...

Ray, i would like to know where you found that info from.

Anonymous said...

alpha, its rumoured to be moving to asia and not a bbc event. that is the word from the venue yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Watching O'Sullivan/Maguire.

This is quality.

This format WILL get even better when the players realise its another way of approaching the game.

But will someone have a word about Taylor's commentary. It really is awful.

Anonymous said...


"We have the best seats in the house, But I would pay to see this.... and thats saying something"

WHAT is it saying Dennis ?

Its a paying public you know.

Anonymous said...

David can you tell us what the story is about Stephen Lee? saw on snooker forum that his management people have dropped him today.

Anonymous said...

Not confident on the Robertson/Walden commentary being all too great either


Dave H said...

That's all I know at the moment. Sounds rather sudden.

Anonymous said...

Willie Thorne - to me - is a good summeriser, but falls a bit short in commentary box.

But - off the table - thats a good as it gets for this match.

Good showing by Robertson to win the first frame. This could be a good match too.

Come on Dave, keep up m8. Sent this post at 8.56 ;o)

Anonymous said...

Maniac ?


Get a grip please.

Its 9.22pm


CHRISK5 said...

So,we have the 3 most impressive
players of the World Open in the Semis &.....Peter Ebdon !

I would argue Ebdon's C or D Game
is the best on the circuit,
not just in the World Open,but
numerous occasions previously,
great competitor & snooker's version of a streetfighter.

CHRISK5 said...

You couldn't have hand picked a better Semis line-up....actually,
they were hand-picked !

Anyway,7 World Titles alltogether & all players having a mass variety
of attributes between them.

Realistically,the trio of Robertson,O'Sullivan & Williams are
unseperable on tournament form -
only fractions of luck & 'rub of the green' could possibly seperate them when the time comes.

As for Ebdon......he has a habit
of winning a ranking event every
18 months/2 years to remind us he's
still a 'force' - But,given the quality of the other 3 players...
highly unlikely this time you would think.

Greg P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hendry and DOherty havent given up on themselves yet Greg, though its good to see you wrong!

And i dont want to see PE going nuts unless he beats Ronnie, who is even more embarrassing than any player every time he opens his mouth and speaks.