So how did you do?

1) Murdo MacLeod was the first Scot to win a match at the Crucible. He did so with a 10-5 victory over Rex Williams on April 19, 1987. Stephen Hendry beat Willie Thorne 10-7 the following day.

2) Sean Storey was the first player to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan in a professional event. His 5-3 victory came in the qualifiers for the British Open in 1992, ending O'Sullivan's run of 38 successive victories.

3) John Pulman and David Taylor were the commentators for the first televised 147 at the 1982 Lada Classic.

4) Bill Werbeniuk made the Crucible's first break in excess of 140 in 1979 with a 142.

5) Bob Chaperon won the first ranking event held under a random draw format, the 1990 British Open. The 1982 Professional Players Tournament was not wholly random - they put the top 32 seeds in one hat and the next 32 in another.

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Anonymous said...

didnt they do the same with the 1990 british open- top 32 and other 32