This week's quiz has a Scottish theme...

1) How many ranking finals had Graeme Dott lost in before winning a title?

2) Who was the first Scot to compete at the Crucible?

3) In which year did Lawrie Annandale referee the World Championship final?

4) Who did John Higgins beat in the final when he won the Masters for the first time?

5) Which Scottish player is the youngest to compile a 147 in a ranking tournament?


Klara said...

Don't you say "WHOM did John Higgins beat..."?

jamie brannon said...

I doubt I will get more than two without googling it, but here goes.

1. 2 (Scottish Open and World Championship, thrashed in both)

2. Murdo Macleod

3. 2000

4. Ken Doherty

5. Stephen Maguire

Betty Logan said...

1) Dott also lost to Hendry in the Scottish Open and the Malta Cup, so I think it's four finals

2) Haven't a clue. John Rea?

3) Trick question? I don't recall him ever doing one.

4) Defintely Doherty

5) I think it's Maguire too, although Dott made one quite young as well.

kildare cueman said...

1. three

2. Eddie Sinclair.

3. 2oo2{guess}

4. Ken Doherty

5. No idea. will chance Dott. I know he got one a good few years ago in the British open but it could have been Higgins or maguire.

ddrIII said...

1. 4 times (99 Scottish Open 1-9 Hendry, 01 British Open 6-9 Higgins, 04 World Championship 8-18 O'Sullivan, 05 Malta Cup? 7-9 Hendry)

5. Stephen Maguire (00' Scottish Open)

Ray said...

Hi Dave. Phil Yates said in last weeks Premier League that Mark Selby was meeting up with Barry Hearn in London this week to launch a new tournament. Have you heard any more about it?

Dave H said...

See post above Ray

Anonymous said...

To the first poster: no, it is not whom. There is a fairly usable rule of thumb: if you can answer 'he did' it is who and if you can answer 'him' it is whom.

It works for me.

Anonymous said...

Difficult this, here goes...

1. Four

2. I'll say Murdo McLeod but i'm really not sure

3. 1998

4. Doherty (1999)

5. Maguire


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