What a week Andrew Higginson is having.

The 29 year-old from Widnes is today appearing in his first ranking event quarter-final and has just compiled the 56th maximum break in professional snooker history.

His 147 came in the second frame of his match against Ali Carter and was the 33rd to be made in a ranking event, the 29th on television and the third in the Welsh Open.

It earns Andy £22,000 - easily his highest ever cheque.

Will he complete the fairytale by winning the tournament?


Anonymous said...


After Cope and Ding, Higginson's maximum was a fantastic effort.

The shots under pressure he pulled off towards the end of the break was excellent.

Out of the three so far this season, this is easily the best for so many reasons; first world ranking quarter-final; TV; good crowd for that time of the morning.

Judging by O'Sulivan's comments after his defeat to Robertson - who is turning into the Rocket's Bete Noire, this season - he seems quite content with his work this week in Wales. I cannot see him doing anything in China, so I hope he has a A plan and his B plan when he goes to Sheffield. I also hope he has his team in place. Is Adamson helping out. And what did happen to Reardon after 2004?

What do you make of Mark Williams' comments that he played 'garbage' against J Burnett and that, 'if I carry on playing like that, I'll retire!' He may be under pressure in China again for his top 16 place. Just like last season.

Finally, £10 is in the post, for mentioning the Spinto Band in commentary - whom, it goes without saying were great on the NME Tour.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

Thought it only right to give them a mention.

Mark seem devoid of motivation at the moment but I'd expect him to be up for the World Championship.

I remain to be convinced about Ronnie's overhaul - it seems to me that the problem isn't his game - sublime as it is - but rather his mental state, which appears to vary wildly from tournament to tournament.

As for his new coach, what on earth can anyone teach Ronnie about the game?