The first of seven qualifying rounds for this year's 888.com World Championship has been completed at Pontin's, Prestatyn with three times semi-finalist Tony Knowles losing 5-4 to Del Smith.

Former Welsh Open quarter-finalist Bradley Jones compiled a break of 111 in the first frame of his 5-0 defeat of Neil Selman.

The qualifiers run until March 2 and include Jimmy White, John Parrott and surprise Welsh Open finalist Andrew Higginson, who plays Mark Boyle on Monday.

The 16 players left standing go to the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield in March to face the players ranked 17-32 in the final qualifying round, from where 16 qualifiers go to the Crucible to tackle the top 16 in the televised phase.

There will be a lot of snooker - and much heartbreak - before we know the line-up for snooker's 17-day marathon of the mind.

More here: http://www.sportinglife.com/snooker/news/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=snooker/07/02/23/SNOOKER_Prestatyn.html


Sean B said...

Its great to see Tony Knowles still playing.The qualifying for Sheffield looks tough this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Hope you are well and enjoying the qualifiers.

I would love to see Eurosport or another broadcaster cover maybe the final qualifying round of the World Championship on the television. These usually make for great, tense matches with so much at stake.

Do you think this could ever happen, or is that likely to be a non-starter, even with the move of venue for the final round this year?


Anonymous said...

Great idea! It could be the first step towards a dedicated "snooker channel" in which hopefully all qualifying events are covered.

Dave H said...

I think TV is unlikely but the internet opens up various possibilities

David said...

I watched the first round of the 888.com World Championship. I knew that Del Smith is going to win! However, I didn't think it would be that close...

Anonymous said...


That is a good point Craig talks about.

I don't think British Eurosport would ever broadcast final qualifiers, as they probably having got the money to fund it. Remember, all they do for the World Championships and other tournaments are take the host broadcasters fee, they don't have to spend any money on cameras etc, apart from your goodself and a summariser in the commentary box.

(By the way, i've always wanted to know, where does the commentary come from? Because its the not the venue, except possibly Wembley, as its London. Unless you're outside in an OB van.)

TSN - formerly Cuemasters - got heavily involved with internet matches and interviews, late 90s early 00s, when they were going to set up a rival tour. But, unfortunately it fell through. Don't know why it stopped, though. There was also something else called Snooker Radio? Did you know about this, Dave?

A snooker channel will not happen. We need more tournaments...

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I used to work for TSN when they did their webcasting but it was a couple of years before broadband became common. They offered a fortune for the internet rights to major tournaments, plus a sponsorship package for several events but were naturally rebuffed.

Snooker Radio was a brief and unsuccessful venture.

As to your other question, my lips are sealed!