There will be eight local wildcards for March's China Open in Beijing - a good thing too as it will increase interest and give up-and-coming Chinese players a chance to experience top level snooker.

Ding Junhui himself had such an opportunity as a 14 year-old in 2002 when he lost 5-2 to Mark Selby in Shanghai.

However, the eight qualifiers who must play the wildcards - Jimmy White included - are to be expected to do so for no extra money, which is surely unfair, not least because some have already come through four qualifying rounds at Prestatyn.

In years gone by, those playing in the wildcard round received £500. Belts have been tightened at World Snooker in recent seasons but as its chairman, Sir Rodney Walker, never tires of informing all and sundry how he has turned a profit surely players competing in an extra round should be properly rewarded?


Anonymous said...


Am confused. Surely if White won his final qualifying match for the Chinese Open, shouldn't he go straight into the first round?

It is a World Ranking tournament, points are accured, so White et al, should be paid whether they lose in a wildcard draw or not.

I remember when TSN were thinking of setting up an alternative tour.

Didn't Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor set up a board to challenge the WSA around the same time as said tour - 2000/2001 season?

Would it not be good for snooker to see similar events this year?

It might make WSA think again, about mooting such proposals.

Surely the players association would take action, anyhow, if such rules were imposed on them such as these?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Presumably those players having wild card matches to play have to travel at least one day earlier and stay longer in China, incurring additional expense.

They should certianly receive something towards their costs in addition to the Last 32 losers money.

Janie - Global Snooker Centre

Dave H said...


White and co. have to play the wildcards before the first round. If he loses to a wildcard he'll receive the money and points he should have got for reaching the first round.

I don't think a breakaway is needed but am encouraged by what World Snooker are doing in China - licensing a third party to promote events.

I think this will lead to several more overseas tournaments in the next year or two, starting with Germany next season.

Anonymous said...


I didn't know that. Has that always been the way for the China Open. Or is this a new initiative for world ranking tournaments?

Haven't World Snooker set up another office with a team in China after seeing what could happen in the future?

Am sure snooker folk wouldn't mind a third party to gain new tournaments, but if they don't it's more money wasted and, the WSA would start looking to make comebacks to all kind of things, as mentioned in the earlier post about not paying players.

It would be great to have Germany back on the calendar, now especially as it has PH name associated with it.

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Good points again guys,

It would be good to see more overseas tournaments, so long as they are additional to the current calendar.

I don't think that they should replace tournaments that take place in the UK though, that would be unfair considering the vast majority of players, sponsors and (arguably) supporters come from this country.

Anonymous said...

At least on this occasion there are only 8 wildcards...a few years ago all 16 qualifiers had to play a wildcard...for no extra cash. However, if you think that's unfair, one of those wildcards WON THE TITLE! And he got nothing for it.....no cash, nor ranking points.