Almost 30 local bands of all musical genres have so far been confirmed to perform at a series of gigs at two Leeds music venues, Cert 18 and The Junction, at the end of May as a tribute to Paul Hunter, who died of cancer last October.

Local businessman Rob Scott, of Elvington, near York, was inspired to organise the events after reading messages posted on an online condolence book in memory of Paul, whose brave battle moved so many around the world.

Scott, who runs York-based firm Discerning Images Photography, contacted the author of the tribute website and suggested staging music events to raise money for the snooker star's chosen charity, the NET Patient Foundation.

Co-organiser Paul Cunniff, who runs Acomb Music, said they had been "overwhelmed" by support from local bands, who had offered their services for free.

The gigs will take place during the day and night on the Bank Holiday weekend from Saturday, May 26, and Monday, May 28.

"This has turned into something much bigger than we expected," Cunniff said."We are expecting a big turnout with hopefully up to 1,000 coming through the doors. It will be an integral part of the York Music Live festival and I think it will be the largest rock event of the weekend.

"I've been amazed by the response of the bands - they have been so generous. It will be a great weekend to remember Paul Hunter and raise money for his charity."

For more information about the weekend, visit the website www.acombmusic.co.uk or phone Paul Cunniff on 01904 781574.

Paul Hunter music weekend: The schedule

Saturday, May 26

Cert 18
1pm to 5pm: Punk/indie/ electro rock

Sgt Johns Zombie Brigade
New Soul Company
Testtone 3
(Grinny Grandad)

6pm: Rock/indie/Britpop

Third Conduct
Angel Of Sin
Velvet Star
The Plug
The Universals
The GT's
Autumn Noise

Sunday, May 27
Cert 18

8pm: Heavy metal evening

Method In Madness
Project Side 7 (aka Angel Bass)
Hand Of The Daedra
Megawatt Winged Avenger

Monday, May 28
The Junction

1pm to 5pm: Blues/ indie

Player 1
Diego Snail
The Volcanoes
The Jones

6pm to 11pm: Blues evening

Craig Whitehead
98 Pages
Rotten Karma


Anonymous said...


I won't make a quip about Shaun Murphy being the 'Weakest Link' in Malta last week but, suffice it to say, he did have a good week.

It is a shame the promoter cannot get the Kaiser Chiefs, but I would've highly recommended the Pigeon Detectives, who will probably be just as big as the Kaisers in 12 months time.

(By the way, am off to see Spinto Band next week on the NME tour.)

And in other news, I hear Paul's wife is selling their home in Batley(?) because it is too big, but also for the fact that it holds too many memories.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

Have a good time - I didn't know the Spintos were touring again

Anonymous said...

Hiya, how come Grinny Grandad is in brackets?

Anonymous said...


The band are touring with co-headliners; Kate Nash, Alterkicks and Airtraffic, under the umbrella that is the 'NME Tour.' There are numerous other gigs with a plethora of bands taking part, touring the country, until the NME Awards on March 1.

The awards are seen as the 'Alternative Brit Awards.'

You'd think I was NME PR's person - but am not!

Have you got shifts with Eurosport next week at the Welsh Open?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I have indeed

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

Am looking forward to the Welsh next week.

Williams, Higgins, Maguire and Doherty in the top half.

Hendry could meet O'Sullivan in the bottom-half quarter-finals, should O'Sullivan beat Stevens, who certainly needs a win to have any hope of staying in the top 16 next season.

Thanks, Joe