This blog is now two years old and I'd like to thank everyone who has read it, left comments and generally shown any interest during this time.

What would be of help to me is to find out what snooker fans would like from a blog like this.

The idea from the start was to post a mix of news and opinion. I have tried to bring you stories you wouldn't read anywhere else and also analyse various happenings in the snooker world.

But I would welcome any input and opinions as to the future.


Jonathan said...

More of the same David; comment and opinion from someone who understands snooker, as well as early dissemination of snooker related news. It's a great read and we should be thanking YOU.

Good luck

Donal said...

Agree with the above. Some contributions (e.g. interviews or posts) from the players of yesterday, today, or tomorrow would be a welcome addition.

Fred said...

Happy Birthday Snooker Scene Blog.

"More of the same" is a good resume, as Jonathan wrote, and players interviews and opinion would be welcome here too.

It's going to be hard to increase the quality of your blog Dave, since it's already the more interresting Snooker place of the web. (No flattery in this, just the truth in my opinion).

Thank you David and keep on giving us the best Snooker news.

alves said...

This blog is great and I agree with jonathan; I visit this blog every day to see the opinion of a great expert of snooker.

Anonymous said...

More of the same please- keep up the good work! It is rarely that I ever get breaking news appearing anywhere before this blog. Well done and thanks very much for the blog that tells you what is really going on!
John H

G said...

Can't agree more, please, please more of the same! It's a great blog and my fav' snooker read, far better than W Snooker. Great blog Dave.

Thank you for all the reading and HAPPY B-DAY!


Anonymous said...

I agree - more from the same!
When I turn my PC on it´s this side which I visit first!

stuartfanning said...

Yes more of the same Dave plus maybe a 'where are they now' feature on what has happened to players of the past.

Anonymous said...


Write about yourself, about your achievements, it is interesting to know how you play, please make your own profile


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from Germany.

your blog is ok like it is. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great blog and news of any forthcoming exhibitions and snooker events throughout the country would add to the content.

Anonymous said...

I like it because of the news factor. World Snooker seems always the last one to announce anything concerned their own sport. Still waiting though where the grand prix is held.

Continue the good work.


Dave H said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments. The problem with doing player interviews is that most of them are wary of saying too much in case they get disciplined!

This is one of the main reasons there's hardly any snooker in the papers.

Anonymous said...

"I have tried to bring you stories you wouldn't read anywhere else and also analyse various happenings in the snooker world.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon the page today (july 08) and I love it. Every article seems relevant and the fact that news you expect to find is here is brilliant. Someone mentioned that worldsnooker.com is the last to bring the latest news is absolutely true. Oh, and the links to other snooker news(like Ronnie's Times article) are superb. You, sir, are doing a great job.
Cheers from Denmark.