Ding Junhui will face Mark Selby in Sunday's Jiangsu Classic final.

Ding beat Ryan Day 4-0 while Selby defeated Joe Perry 4-1 in Nanjing today.

This is good news for this new tournament as the final will be played in Wuxi City - Ding's home town.

However, what a daft decision it was to play one semi-final on one table and one on the other, which isn't televised.

They were only best of seven frame affairs and could easily have been played one after the other on the TV table.

It means TV audiences will not see a ball of Selby's victory.

Also, Ding's match lasted just 50 minutes and Eurosport have an hour and 45 minute long programme to fill.

And it gave the paying public only an hour and 20 minutes of entertainment.

There is no logic at all to this.

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Anonymous said...


They certainly make some strange decisions at the Chinese events.

I re-collect at the 2007 Shanghai Masters that the match involving the previous springs' two World Championship finalists John Higgins and Mark Selby was on a non televised table to make way for Stuart Bingham and Stuart Pettmann.

I believe I read that both semi-finals were played at 7pm local time, what was wrong with having one semi in the afternoon and one in the evening which is the general norm for all tournaments.