The following statement has been agreed by the WPBSA and Clive Everton, editor of Snooker Scene:

"The WPBSA has withdrawn its claim against Clive Everton for payment of costs awarded by the S.D.R.P. on 1 November 2006.

"Although the board believes it has conducted its case correctly and that it would ultimately prevail in court, it is acknowledged that as with all litigation there is sufficient doubt about the outcome as to render further expenditure of the membership's funds inappropriate.

"Mr Everton also believes his case was conducted correctly and that he would ultimately have prevailed in court but is happy that it can now be concluded without further expenditure on either side."


Anonymous said...

Maybe World Snooker will also issue a statement revealing how much money they've wasted on this, and which directors will be resigning as a result.

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Anonymous said...

About time world snooker stopped this nonsense. Indeed they should do what any sound business would and remove all those who have wasted money on this and have a thorough investigation on the decision making behind it - naturally if their is nothing to hide and no bad practice they would do this openly and publish the results along with relevant resignations. Perhaps then they would appear to be mature and competent and treated seriously by potential sponsors in the UK

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to James Wattana - not even in the rankings...?