As there won't be much going on - World Series excluded - in the next couple of months I shall be presenting a countdown here of what I consider to be the ten greatest moments in snooker history.

Such lists are often memorable for what's not included, so let me be clear: not everyone will agree with my choices.

A number of what a lot of people will think obvious moments have failed to make the cut. Why? Because it's a personal list and I've limited it to just ten.

Let me explain what I consider to be a 'great' moment.

It has to be memorable, dramatic but also play an important part in the great snooker story.

I could have had a list of ten 147s or ten world finals but this would have ignored the many other stories and memories from down the years.

Feel free to leave your own comments and suggestions as the countdown goes along.

The ending may well prove controversial!

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