Snooker Scene is considering starting a monthly podcast and I was interested in the views of snooker fans.

Is there any interest in such a thing?

More to the point, would you listen to myself, Clive Everton and Phil Yates talking about snooker and what sort of topics would you like to be covered?

Feel free to reply below or by email, snookersceneblog@aol.com.


Anonymous said...

I would be very interested to hear whatever Clive, Phil and yourself have to say about snooker anytime- It would maybe be helpful to have it on one specific subject- something that is a relevant current story but in more depth than is possible in writing. I hope it happens- perhaps it would be a good way to present an in depth preview of the Uk and World champs assessing the chances of players based upon the draw etc.
Keep up the good work so we know what is REALLY going on!
John H

Monique said...

I would be interested also. Although I usually find it easier to read ... Being a non native English speaker I sometimes struggle with accents or when the "pace" is fast. Please bear that in mind if you give it a try. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Just for a smile... I once listened to an interview of John Higgins on a Scottish radio and couldn't make sense of what he was telling... until I realised he was talking about footie, not snooker. Took me several minutes!

Mike said...

I would also be very interested in hearing views aired in podcast form. With plenty going on, and some action often not effectively brought to the attention of snooker fans, I think it would be a great way of communicating with the masses, and hopefully attracting listeners in an entertaining way.

Donal said...

I would definitely listen

andy said...

Hi Dave,

This is a great idea and long overdue! I was going to do one myself but simply didn't have the time (and probably the material). :o) With you 3 guys on the job, I can imagine it being a great podcast and you'll probably be rewarded handsomely in the long run!

Podcasting as an alternative medium is massively popular and you can find podcasts over a variety of subjects ranging from knitting to language lessons to amateur TV shows. I think Podcasting is the future of entertainment providing it's easily deliverable to the layperson.

There are already a few cue sports podcasts out there and there are a few companies that offer great end-to-end podcasting services for the producers and listeners. I would recommend Mevio, BT Podshow is the UK arm of the company, hosting is free, and generally all you need to deliver is the mp3 file.

There's even software and processes out there that make the production of a good sound quality podcast very simple. Ex MTV VJ Adam Curry, the man regarded by many as the inventor of the podcast (regardless of what Wikipedia says) and owner of Mevio, has perfected the process of podcast delivery.

Let me know privately if you need more information. And good luck!! I will definitely be a listener!


Bryan said...

Yes yes defo good god yes. with ye 3 you cant go wrong

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great. Suggest that something on the lines of Stephen Fry's podgrams might be just the trick!

Anonymous said...

Or how about a Snooker Scene online magazine could be worth exploring, which includes podcasts (take a look at the Talk Sport magazine which is excellent)

Dan Smith said...

All three of you are more than able broadcasters, so not only would i listen, i'm sure you'd produce a very good product.

as for what you should cover, a podcast that covers the news stories that you aren't able to talk about when you are commentating.

Baby said...


Deffo great idea. Can't wait!!!

DAZ said...

Great idea would defo listen

Maija said...

I haven't commented on here before, so just a quick thanks for a great blog and yes, I'd be very interested in a "podcast version"!

As for suitable topics: Anything regarding what is currently going on in the world of snooker, I suppose. A little news corner, a feature of special interest, that sort of thing. I'm sure you can persuade some of the stars and stars-to-be to give an interview or two as well, perhaps with some hints and tips on how to improve one's game for the snooker-playing masses?

As long as it's on snooker I'm going to listen to it, no matter what the format turns out to be ;)

David said...

Excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

Superb idea, I would welcome it