Jimmy White, who has struggled badly at the qualifying school in Prestatyn over the last two years, returns to Pontin’s today for the preliminary rounds of the Royal London Watches Grand Prix.

And White does so having won all six matches he has played in the qualifiers so far this season.

The 46 year-old made it through to the final stages of both the Northern Ireland Trophy and Shanghai Masters.

Can White make it three in a row? He faces Michael Georgiou in the first round today.

EDIT: White beat Georgiou 5-1!


Janie Watkins said...

good scoring from Jimmy too.

Jimmy White 5-1 Michael Georgiou 95(95)-1, 25-64, 68(30)-34, 70(39)-56(35), 119(112)-0, 55-20

Full frames scores on all matches are availabl on Global Snooker Centre

My count made that he'd won 7 matches before today.

3 in the NI qualifiers and 4 in the Shanghai qualifiers

Dave H said...


He only played three in Shanghai because he had a bye through the first round

Anonymous said...

It's good to see jimmy playing well and hopefully we'll be able to see him in the televised stages of tournaments later in the season

ProSnookerBlog said...

Yeah he got a bye due to John Parrott missing out I think it was.

Mike said...

Great to see a popular player performing well, and only enforces the view a few days ago that these matches should be streamed online!!! I for one would have loved to have watched the match.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to attend an exhibition evening with Jimmy White at Keynsham Snooker Centre earlier in the month and the Whirlwimd certainly looked to be enjoying his snooker again. He had a great rapport with the crowd, joking and laughing at every opportunity.

Jimmy played nine frames that evening and won eight, two of which with a century break.

The only blip that evening came at the hands of the resident club professional Judd Trump, who made a 99 break from a fluked red.

I think with Jimmy really enjoying the game and indeed, the challenge of the qualifiers we could see him qualify for a lot more this season.

I for one, certainly hope that is the case.


Anonymous said...

And on he goes... Jimmy White's has just beaten David Gray 5-3 in the 2nd qualifying round! He's next up against Michael Holt.

Today's win means a bit of a revenge for Jimmy as Gray was the last player to beat him in a World Championship match (1st round in 2006, Jimmy didn't qualify in '07 and '08...).


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, but then a bit of a blow... Jimmy White today lost 5-3 to Michael Holt _ from 3-0 up.