Jimmy White beat Ken Doherty 5-1 and, in the end, played very well to do so.

The highlight was an 82 break in the third frame but what impressed me most was Jimmy's keenness and competitive spirit.

It was clear that qualifying for the final stages of a second successive ranking tournament meant a lot to him.

“It’s so difficult here but I knew I had a slight edge because I’d won matches and Ken was coming in cold,” White said.

“I’m just building on confidence. I’ve come through well after some tough games and played well today.

“I’ve been working really hard and know my game is there. It’s all about the mental side and I’ve got some confidence now which makes all the difference.”


Monique said...

Thanks for this Dave. Nice to read.
And all praise Jimmy for the fighting spirit ...

Running out of his chair like Usain Bolt? uh? Has he started running with his good mate Ronnie? Is that the key to his new find form? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great result for Jimmy. Although I don't think we'll see him in the top 16 again, and quite possibly not in the top 32, it's good to see him not ending his professional career on a whimper, which he was in danger of doing up until the World Championship qualifiers last year. Although you wouldn't expect anything less than 110% commitment from Jimmy.

It'll be interesting to know if his decent run of late is down to increased confidence from playing more matches, or whether he has adopted the Davis mantra of 'playing as if it means nothing when it means everything'.

Sam T

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they put him on the telly in Shanghai.