Here's actor, writer and all round good egg Stephen Fry quoted in today's Manchester Evening News:

"I’d rather watch snooker than do almost anything, to be honest."

Quite right too. Maybe Fry should become a commentator. He has, after all, got some experience in this area.


Anonymous said...

And on the BBC 4 series 'Guilty Pleasures' he had another sport. Strange no mention of snooker...


"Actor, writer, director and presenter Stephen Fry reveals the things he considers his guiltiest pleasures. These include darts, romantic novels by Georgette Heyer, the work of Richard Wagner and TV game show Countdown."

Anonymous said...

Darts and snooker go hand in hand as tv sports.

Anonymous said...

You can't beat a good Georgette Heyer novel.

Spring Muslin is a personal favourite.

Anonymous said...

no Darts is a pub Game Snooker has more class about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I think Fry likes sports with longevity. A keen fan of Cricket, no wonder he doesn't mind Snooker.

Hope, in the podcast, Clive talks about the media and Snooker...a lot! As I forgot to post my question.

Thanks, Joe

Ruthie said...

In a newspaper interview last year, he said his hero is Ronnie O'Sullivan (possibly a little tongue in cheek as Wilde, Wodehouse and Waugh are those he credits with having greatest influence on him) Will post the URL if I can find it.

Maija said...

Fry twittered about snooker during the Worlds: this tweet, for instance.

Anonymous said...

i think hed be better than most commentators. certainly better than clive everton, but doubtful he could match the great WT.

Janie said...

Stephen Fry is quite a snooker fan but from exchanging messages with him on Twitter he was happier to be at teh cricket when I was stuck at the snooker.

Of course I would also rather have been at the cricket!!

Anonymous said...

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