Full information at the Matchroom website here.


Anonymous said...

I wish they'd come to Liverpool, they'd fill the place. St Georges Hall would be a terrific venue.

Anonymous said...

for goodness sake Dave, these dates and venues have been known for..............nah i aint going down that road. thanks for posting. heres hoping those that want to go find one near them and the PL remains a great success.

Janie said...

TO Anon at 10.45:
the dates might have been known but the venues and order of play was only released yesterday...

by the way the PIOS draw is now available and that was released 3 minute ago!

MattWilson said...

Interesting to see Brian Morgan back for another shot at the game. Excellent player Brian was in his heyday.

Again, it will be very interesting to see how well the newly relegated boys do back on the minefield of the PIOS.

Anonymous said...

Janie, it was directed at Dave as a light hearted comment regarding another blog post he made a week or so ago.

no malice, no smart *ss, just a gentle bit of banter that i am sure Dave will have got.


Matt said...

Not that it affects me living up north but I do find it strange that there is no PL event in London.

Janie said...

Anon 12.25 - I was also having a little "jest"

you do get used to my rather dry sense of humour - or is it just called blatent sarcasm!!

Yes it's great to see players like Brian Morgan and Wayne Brown back in action.

Those wily experienced players are going to provide some valuable lessons to the junior wannabees, which is why the mix on the PIOS is so good.

Sadly China, Thailand and Mongolia are still having visa problems, so apart from Chinnakrit, we won't see those lads until Event 2.

Anonymous said...


i would never have known

ive never met you and i cant tell from "typed word" if people are joking.


Anonymous said...


they cant please everyone and im sure if cercanstance suit everyone they will try and come to Liverpool soon.

Anonymous said...

October 22nd Grimsby. Can't wait.