Some of the game's leading Irish players will take part in a three day event at the end of July as a warm up for the new season.

The Lucan Racing Irish Classic, now in its fourth year, will be played at Celbridge Snooker Club, County Kildare from July 24-26.

The players are divided into two groups. Ken Doherty, the defending champion, has been drawn against Fergal O’Brien, Joe Swail and David Morris.

Joe Delaney, Patrick Wallace, Michael Judge and Brendan O’Donoghue have been drawn in the other group.

The top two in each will go through to the semi-finals. Mark Allen had been due to take part but misses the event because of other commitments.

Doherty said: "I'm really looking forward to it. It's great for Irish snooker that we've got a tournament like this.

"I always look forward to playing the other Irish boys, there's also good competition between us. A lot of us practice together, so we all know each other's games inside out, but we'll all want to win."

O'Brien is one of the organisers and it makes sense to bring together his fellow Irish players for such an event with the new season getting underway on August 3.


Anonymous said...

"Doherty said: "I'm really looking forward to it. It's great for Irish snooker that we've got a tournament like this."

yes ken plus it will be good to play somewhere apart from prestatyn lol

Anonymous said...

Why was my comment removed? I'm a snooker fan and regularly read this blog but because I sarcastically made a very valid point that this Irish event is an instant switch off for me because of the players involved, I was deleted!

I can think of no other tournament comprising professional players which is more of a turn off than this one. There is only one star name amongst them and he's in the worst form of his life!

Dave H said...

It was actually deleted accidentally - I meant to delete something else from a different post

Anonymous said...

Group 1 is miles better than Group 2!

Anonymous said...

fair comment from anon's ,may not be world class field.

ok fine if you live in uk ,you may get chance to see higher ranked pro's play.

from an irish perspective, this will be a good tourn to go and see. o'brien and wallace may be classed as grinder types, but other lads are well talanted capable of entertaining stuff.