Mark Selby had been due to take part in last week's State of Snooker discussion but was dropped through lack of time.

However, he has now had his say on his website, where he claims none of the things Sir Rodney Walker has promised have happened, that the governing body should put on tournaments in Europe and that he can't understand why there aren't more sponsors.

What's interesting about this is that Selby is not a player with an agenda or someone who is looking to rock the boat.

He is merely articulating the frustrations of a top player who feels he should have more playing opportunities.

You can read his blog at his website here.


Anonymous said...

They've got these Hotshots well trained

Anonymous said...

totally agree with Mark.

it is baffeling why theres no sponsors compared to other sports whitch has actually less apeal and Television covarage.

it points to 1 thing and 1 thing only totall WSA incompitance to run a bath never mind a Sport.

Robidoo said...

WPBSA coffers will hopefully run dry somewhere in the next two years and force the players to take action and form a proper breakaway tour. Selby doesn't seem to be doing much in this direction, I have limited sympathy for all these players complaining (including Ronnie) about not enough tournaments and sponsors. Your sport is being run by raging buffoons intent on lining their pockets at your expense, and has been for years. Do something about it

Incidentally, what's going on with the Mooney/Hearn players union mentioned around Sept 2008?

Dave H said...

The SPA have written to the players asking them to join and requesting £50 from each to get it off the ground.

I have doubts that it will be a success, such is the historic apathy within the sport.

Lee Doyle was right when he said on 5Live that the players have the apparatus in place to change things if they want to.

In fairness to Selby, though, he is very good for the game, both as a player and as a person.

I think players would rather concentrate on playing rather than politics.

The question, then, is why have so many fought so hard to retain 'control' of the game's governance?

Anonymous said...

Nice website Selby has there. Now bookmarked.

Anonymous said...


times are changing quickly.

if the WSA dont do something then someone else will.

i think that time is aproaching very fast the WSA needs to act and act yesterday otherwise Snooker moves on in to the next decade and leaving behind the dinasours and the relick of the WSA where it belongs in the guttar.

Anonymous said...

excellent spelling there

Anonymous said...


Well said. It's easy to criticise, far more difficult to come up with solutions.

However, Selby's right to be concerned about the lack of sponsorship. I have been told that two ranking events are close to being scrapped for next season, leaving us only with 4!!

Anonymous said...

Selby's another idiot comparing snooker to tennis. Why not compare snooker to rugby union? Or rugby league? Or football?

Why the fascination with tennis?

Anonymous said...

it might have escaped you but Snooker is 1 man vs another not a team sport like you have named so its hard if not imposible to compare a sport like snooker to a 11 or 15 aside sport.

Dave H said...

I wouldn't believe rumours about ranking events being axed. The three BBC ones are guaranteed, the two in China are guaranteed and, as far as I know, BBC Wales still have a contract for the Welsh Open.

Anonymous said...



The governing body is raping the sport and it would probably be best if there was a breakaway, probably instigated by Barry Hearn who has done wonders for darts and poker and has experience of snooker.

If our once great game carries on as it is, we'll be watching tournaments being held in working men's clubs.

Let Walker eat his lavish dinners rather than represent the sport. He's probably what snooker deserves as those involved (and this includes you, Dave) have done sod-all.

Claus Christensen said...

Nice going Selby.

If they don't get at least one ranking event on the mainland next season it will be embarrassing. It's one thing to build a sport or develop new ground but they have millions of excited fans craving tournaments to support these events. They just need to get out of their chairs! They can't all be lazy and incompetent?

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:56

So snooker is 1 vs. 1 - thanks for that.

It may have escaped your intellect but I was suggesting why there is a fascination with comparing our sport to tennis with regard to viewing figures. Selby's comparing some mickey mouse tennis event with the world champs - it's like saying the men's final at Wimbledon gets a bigger audience than the Grand Prix. Are we really that desperate that we have to now start taking pot shots at another sport?

I personally can't see where the sport is going. If we can't find sponsors for 5 of the 6 ranking events, what chance have we of getting a sponsor for a new event?

Dave H said...

The comparison was made not to the Queen's tournament but to Andy Murray winning it, the point being that this garnered acres of media coverage not particularly matched by the viewing figures.

Nobody's having a go at tennis.

By the way, three of the ranking events next season have sponsors and two others have sponsors still to announce whether they will be renewing their deals.

Anonymous said...


youre wasting youre breath trying to explain to some ..they being brainwashed by some people in the press to believe things thats not true.

i tend to make up my own mind and not follow trends...

theres problams in the sport but i think people are being coned by the fact the Davis v taylor match in 85 atracted 18 million viewers..

the Higgins v Murphy Final atracted 3 million because it wasent a close match i think had that match been played in 1985 and not 2009 about 12 to 13 million would have watched it back then.

TV Has changed in the last 20 years from 4 channels to 200 to 300 not to mention the internet..taking everything in to consideration regarding viewers snooker is healthy but promoting the game is diabolicly bad to the point some people that lived in Telford had no idea the UK Championship was being played there last season.

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time before Ebdon demands Selby is banned for bringing the game in to disrepute …

As for comparing snooker to tennis, it makes a change from darts ...

Anonymous said...

Talking of Ebdon any news on the betting fiasco he had, or Mcguire and Burnett.

kimball said...

of course Murray get good wieving-
figures. England love tennis, but no true stars for ages - starved.

Snooker has a big handicap with sponsors, no big products to sell
to the common player, so no real push from the manufacturers.

The game was pretty close to totally bankcrupt when Sir Rodney
Walker stepped in - blame the voting players instead.

Copenhagen really wanted a W.Ser. tournament, but couldn,t find the 200 K £ asked for!
So what is the cost for a mainland
400 K ?
Shorten the final stages to last 16
and run it wend -sund.

Would save a lot of money and good
wieving figures from the start.

Would probably double the interest
to sponsor a tournament.

Maybe 64 players on the tour would
be better, there are just not enough talent around, the game is to difficult!

Reranking + qualification from the challengetour at new year would spice it up a bit.

Broadcast topmatches in early stages on the web, maybe Bet Fred?

Selby is a good x-factor, but not X
in capitol, for that the challenger
must come from outside the UK and Ireland.

Claus Christensen said...

Kimball, where did you get the info about Copenhagen from? Is there not going to be a tournament in the fall? This would be really surprising, given the phenomenal support and assured crowds in Denmark. Very sad news.

Anonymous said...

Someof the stuff on here is outrageous, most of it is based on half truths and hearsay. The gossop bragade are having a field day. Its good to see balanced debate. A CHIP ON BOTH SHOULDERS.