Jimmy White has had an incident packed career, indeed an incident packed life, but he has never lost his love for snooker and snooker has never lost its love for him.

His victory in the World Series event in Prague tonight was therefore a very popular one.

OK, so he only won three matches but one of those was against the reigning world champion, John Higgins, and another was against the 2006 Crucible winner Graeme Dott.

White's form comes and goes these days but, at times, he still looks impressive.

The problem is that he is mired at the qualifiers in Prestatyn where reputations count for nothing.

At 47, a full scale resurgence is very unlikely but I still believe Jimmy is better than his world ranking of 56th and it would be nice to think he could push on from tonight's victory and start to climb a few places.

He still has the charm and he still has the support. What he needs now is the results.


Snooker Oracle said...

Good to see Jimmy back in the winners enclosure but it cannot be long before some serious questions have to be asked about the World Series of Snooker.

We are continually told that interest in snooker is thriving in Europe. Is it really? It doesn't look that way to me - the crowds are sparse and there is no way that level of interest could support a european ranking event.

It may have something to do with the level of quality. Last night was probably the worst standard of snooker I will ever witness in a snooker final contested by professional players.

I don't have all the answers but the players participating needs looking at for a start. 4 home players isn't pulling in the crowds so that needs diluting - 6 and 2 or 7 and 1 would be a better ratio.

mathsisfun said...

Hi Dave,
Regarding the Masters qualifiers. I'm sure when the calendar for 2009/10 came out the qualifiers were due to be held in Sheffield. Now they are to be held at Pontins.
Is this correct?
Thanks for any help.

David Caulfield said...

Well Done Jimmy, I couldn't be happier. If he could get a little consistency he could easily get back into the top 32. Unfortunately, Jimmy and consistency rarely mix too well.

That said, two tournament wins this season is an impressive performance by the whirlwind!


Great to see "WHIRLWIND WHITE" back to winning ways. GO ON JIMMY. U NEVER LOSE IT MATE.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

He will definitely not get the wildcard as he alluded to in the post match interview - unless he wins the masters competition or has an excellent run in the UK - but the way he played in both matches yesterday suggests he is easily a shoe-in for the top 32.

BTW, how do world series pick the professional players taking part and what is going on with the dreadful post match finishes? Can't they employ a professional sports presenter - freelance - to talk to the players?

Just a tip for Mooney/Higgins for the next tournament (but don't get an ex-player to do it!)

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what he won for winning? Did he win that car on display?

Chris said...

Nice to see Jimmy win. He has worked hard to get back into form and he showed it there. Hopefully he can show that in the ranking events.