Experience has so far triumphed over youth at the Masters qualifiers with only one player (Ben Woollaston) in the quarter-finals aged under 30.

Matthew Stevens, the 2000 Wembley champion, will face Andrew Higginson.

Former Scottish Open champion David Gray meets Rory McLeod while Anthony Hamilton tackles Barry Pinches in a match unlikely to be over quickly.

And Woollaston now meets Michael Holt.

Stevens, Gray and Hamilton have all played at the Masters but the other five would be debutants.


Anonymous said...

Has Gray played well? It looks like it at face value which is quite remarkable given his form this season and what has happened in the last two weeks!

Can't see past Matthew Stevens for the winner though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Was this Masters qualifying competition at the Sheffield venue last season? I may be wrong, but if not, why did they move the competition back to Prestatyn, as I take it the world championship qualifiers will be back at Sheffield this season?

Also, I hear the BBC are interested in what Dennis Taylor said at a London function recently. Do you know anything about this and would you comment if so?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Where's all the younger players? Are they just not good enough?

Anonymous said...

If Andre Agassi can win grand slam tennis event after allegedly taking crystal meths, there is no reason why David Gray should not win this tournament two weeks after being found slightly tipsy in a Thai gutter.
Get a grip people...!!

Anonymous said...

Did Dennis mention the World Championship final of 2005 perhaps??

Anonymous said...

final of 2005?

Anonymous said...

to 10.32pm - slightly tipsy? I'd hate to see you drunk!

Anonymous said...

Why, is he a Murphy fan or something?

"Can't see past Matthew Stevens for the winner though."

So many people are clueless.

jamie brannon said...

Higginson v McLeod hardly gets the pulse racing whoever gets the wildcard deserves it, but not who I would have wanted.

Anonymous said...

i am more than happy to see "new-ish" faces no matter how seasoned they are, most of the general public wont know them and they play good snooker, so if they like snooker and dont want to hear players running about the table and juggling oranges, then they will do fine for me.