John Higgins insists he is content with his career trophy haul – despite Ronnie O’Sullivan labelling him an underachiever.

O’Sullivan made his comments in praising Higgins ahead of the Grand Prix.

But the Scot, who coasted to a 5-1 victory over Mark Joyce in the first round of the Grand Prix today, pointed out the competitiveness of the era in which he has been playing for the last 17 years.

“If someone said to me at the start of my career I’d win three World Championship titles I’d have bitten their hand off,” he said.

“People were saying it was a little naughty of Ronnie to say that but I thought it was a great compliment as he’s saying I could still win more.

“I’ve been born in an era when Ronnie, Mark Williams and obviously Stephen Hendry have been playing great stuff.

“There are obviously only so many tournaments you can win and these players have been winning titles as well. It’s hard then and it’s still hard now.”


Anonymous said...

Great to hear Clive on the BBC Dave, will he be commentating all season?

Dave H said...

He will be commentating at times during the season

Dave H said...

In fact he's doing the World Series on Eurosport the weekend after the GP

celt147 said...

Clive doing work for EuroSport, brilliant!

jamie brannon said...

Basically he will do the Uk and World's until the semis and fill in till Ken drops out in the Grand Prix, it makes me hope Ken gets to the final.