Warning: this post ends with a really lame gag.

Stephen Maguire's opponent in the first round of the World Series in Prague this weekend is the lead singer for a rock band called Support Lesbians.

Michal Krystof is also one of Czech snooker's leading lights and has been playing for four years, although the band has been going since 1992.

The event also features John Higgins, Graeme Dott and Jimmy White.

Given the location, I expect we will see a high number of shots played with Czech side.


Kiwi said...

Just a note… The name is Krystof Michal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be obtuse, but does anyone really care about this event?

Sammy said...

is it Eurosport?

czech side? please

John F said...

Ask the Czech fans, who I'm sure will be packing out this event.

Also, if this interest leads to a ranking event(s) in mainland Europe, then everybody who likes snooker should care.

The World Series is doing more for territories where there is REAL interest (as in, not Bahrain), than the WSA. If there is one organisation that really doesm't care about this event, It's them - after its been played, go on the World Snooker website and see if you can find the results.