There is some light at the end of the tunnel for those Scottish players hoping to join the main tour next season.

You may recall the WPBSA withdrew the concessionary place following endless turmoil north of the border which has resulted in two different factions calling themselves the governing body.

But now the Snooker Players Association, a new body designed as a union for players - which had been the original function of the WPBSA - will decide on a process by which to award the place to a Scottish player.

Pat Mooney of the SPA and a WPBSA board member said: "I will be meeting with John Higgins and Alan McManus to discuss the formation of an overseer group and will be hoping to involve all those stakeholders in the game to ensure a clear understanding of the required process.

"The SPA has one single objective and that is to produce a worthy candidate to join the privileged ranks of the main tour. There will be no account taken for politics or current challenges with Scottish Snooker and the place will be awarded on merit.

"We anticipate the support of all potential candidates, the EBSA, Scottish Snooker Ltd, Sport Scotland and of course the WPBSA."

Scotland is a country that has produced four world champions and a host of other quality players.

Let's hope for the sake of Scottish amateurs and the future of the sport in Scotland that this new initiative is successful.


Anonymous said...

good news

Monique said...

Let's hope reason prevails for the good of the players and the good of the game.

Anonymous said...

AM is a good choice too. great guy, great player on his day too.....

MMMBop said...

Och i the cue!!

Anonymous said...

The Scottish association have been the laughing stock of the snooker world for many years.
Snooker Scene magazine have been dining out on their fanatical exploits for many years now.
Anyone who believes it is now over do not know the people involved.
It'll involve solicitors and the police as usual.
Leave these people to their own issues I say.
Its never resolved for the Scottish Amateur Association, whoever takes charge.

Anonymous said...

"Its never resolved for the Scottish Amateur Association, whoever takes charge."


Anonymous said...

Scottish snooker at amateur level appears according to reports to be in a shambolic state yet the youngsters seem nevertheless to be coming through if recent results at Pontin's are anything to go by. However as Barry Hearn preaches committees generally tend to damage sport rather than help reason being is the juggling for position of the committee members perhaps Barry Hearn's views should be considered by all concerned, I fully expect Mr Hearn to put forward proposals to the Pro's whereby he takes over the game as he has done in darts. That would mean the end of the WPBSA, the only danger in that is that he will not live forever but in Scotland the various factions should get together and appoint a Chief Executive someone who knows the game and structure it accordingly that way the future of Scotland's record of producing champions over the last 3 decades can be continued.

Anonymous said...

The players have done well at Pontins in spite of those in power over the past few years. The so called NGB have regularly used phrases like 'for the good of the game' but their actions tell a different story. For instance there are no Scottish players at the European Championships in Romania just now. Ask the NGB why. I bet anything that its someone else's fault.